Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dear Cupid...

Right now I have Kainoa scared about Cupid.  His class is making Valentine's and he was curious about the little chubby baby with a bow and arrow.  I've read the story about Cupid and how it all came about years ago, but to a 6 year old that story is not that exiting.  So I faked up a story like any "trying to be a good mom" would do.  It went like this...Cupid shoots arrows in the butts of people that don't show love, the arrows have love juice in them and will make you start loving people.  You better believe he began thinking up ways to show love.  Now he wants to know where Cupid lives and if the arrows will sting. I'm out of answers all of a sudden as my fake story might get really out of hand...

Honestly, I LOVE Valentine's Day, always have.  Of course we don't need a special holiday to show love, but any "extra" day written on a calendar is worth celebrating if you ask me, especially if you have people to celebrate with.

Most everything I know about love Kainoa has taught me.  Maybe because at 6 you are fearless.  The little things mean a lot, big expectations are kept simple, forgiveness happens in a single heart beat, and it's okay to love.  As we grow it's crazy how much we begin to guard our hearts, hold back, and even lose our confidence and ability to feel loved.  It's almost as if all of a sudden in my life, thanks to Kainoa, I'm rediscovering my child-like ability to love.

That said, check out this incredibly awesome swim suit! I know, I know, it is so much fun!  I always dream up these incredibly fun swim suit ideas and this time Splish helped me make it possible to actually wear!  It is Valentines week after all, wear the love! 

According to Kainoa, here are some facts on LOVE:  It is the person you like most in the world.  It's when you make someone rice.  Sometimes you can laugh when you love.  You have to read books at bedtime if you love them.  You can kiss them on the mouth.  Love is when you just love.

That pretty much summed it up and I plan on making rice tonight...

As for sport (because some of you only care about swimbikerun), I'll entertain you too...
I am up to a wonderful 4 miles in the run!  It feels like a dream to go more than 5 minutes and I even plan on a race this Sunday! In swim practice it's still only possible for me to push off the wall with my right leg and that is absolutely driving me crazy!  It is frustrating, a little painful, and I fall behind with my sloppy turns. practice this morning I did get a 30 on my last 50 so the possibility of breaking a 30 again once I can push off a wall with 2 legs is seeming more realistic.  And on the bike...I feel very, very happy...

Time to make that rice so a 6 year old still thinks I'm extremely lovable!


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Kainoa is already loving boy and stems from fact that he is loved by his parents. I was brought up by my grandparents and they gave me so much affection so I thought that was the norm until I came to England.20 years later I'm still trying to teach my british hubby that it's ok to hug spontaneously and if i kiss him in public is ok too! :-)
He once told me his friends at work don't kiss their wives goodnight or goodbye when they go to work and he was shocked... I smiled whe he told me that. I think my training him is working. I love your swimsuit, has Mike seen it yet? Have a lovely day Bree. Hugs :-)

February 12, 2013 at 11:25 PM

Blogger Monica said...

Loved this post! Thanks Bree ! Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13, 2013 at 5:38 PM


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