Monday, February 18, 2013

Life in a Bikini...

When I'm 80 I want to know without a doubt I lived my little heart out, fully for my family, me, those in my life, and believing in the beauty of dreams all while appreciating what I have on the way to where I am going.  It has been a pain in the @$$ of a couple weeks just trying to figure it out a few hiccups in life, love, and sport.  And when I think too much it only makes it worse.  I try to think less.  That helps.  In life, I have learned we can actually think ourselves right into problems.

Let me explain a little more.

I am so faithfully holding this goal to return and race Hapalua Half in less than 3 weeks.  It is more or less a race to support the states biggest half marathon while racing Kenyans (hello, opportunity of a lifetime).  It is also a step on climbing the ladder of recovery towards the bigger goal...Ironman Melbourne, (just shy of 5weeks away).  My foot feels like new, but it does not have the miles on it (yet) and my legs are not all the way there (yet) either...but I'm moving in that direction and daily waking up with intentions of training and racing towards those goals.  Anyways, people in Hawaii surf.  We camp too.  And this weekend we camped and woke up on the beach to surf, its really pretty much life in a bikini (or board shorts) on the weekends...

Of course the job of triathlon means working weekends so I did bring the bike and woke up with the roosters to ride it at sunrise while the camp pretty much snuggled next to the ocean.  And then... I lived life.  After work we have to go live, right. And that is where I thought too much.  Lieto was out there and you all know him, he is really fast.  He is also known for finding a very gorgeous and admirable harmony with his professional sport life and family.  Of course, this harmony has grown strong after sidelines, injury, and rat race.  Out in the ocean (that's him above in the black dropping in on me), we had a chat between waves.   He was telling me how in 10 years he never wants regrets, he does not want to be the man that talks about "Oh that bike split at...insert race".  He is one of the best on the bike but is at a point where he wants to say things like, "Oh that time I took Kaiden out surfing and the family trip to...".  Our talk was good, it refreshed what I already believe about life, love, and sport...
 ...but then he told me, like many professionals more experienced than me might say, that I am ridiculous.  That I will not be ready for an Ironman in 5 weeks.  Sure, triathlon is not one of those jobs where we can go all day long working more hours to meet a deadline sooner, patience is a part of it too.  With respect, I heard him out, understand, but my heart is still saying I will be ready.  That's just who I am, sunny days will always be my favorite days but I'm not scared of the storms...
 And then I almost took his head off with my board and flung off backwards to avoid running him over. It was a really good way to spend an afternoon...surfing through life.
Sunday was race day, a local 5 miler and the longest run in almost 11 weeks.  Mile 1 was 5:29, looks like I still have that "start line excitement".  But even better was PAIN FREE!  My foot felt like new.  My legs however were screaming and yelling in confusion of couch-to race.  It hurt so good to feel that burn, that heart rate...being out of "fast shape".  Humbled and happy, 25 seconds shy of my "pace per mile goal".  I was thinking I could hold 6's.  Okay, that might be a comedy, to have only been running 2 weeks, up to 4 miles, and believe I'd be there like nothing ever happened.  Things happened, my butt jiggles way more.  But I loved it.  And I have every intention of running Hapalua and Ironman.  It might be more humbled and that is okay if it holds healed and happy too...
It was back to the beach for Sunday surf and sunset...

Monday, I'm not sure what this week holds and I have no plans to think about it, that was not safe for me to do, I'll just go with it all while walking towards dreams and holding tight to the things and people I love...



Blogger mark provenzano said...

Wow Lieto can surf too? Enjoy your blogs very much Bree! You sound confident that you will be ready and I dont doubt that you will be. Good luck in your upcoming races!

February 19, 2013 at 3:56 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

lovely pics, i would be scared of surfing...I think.
Or is it one of those things where it looks scarier from the outside rather than when you are doing it?

February 19, 2013 at 10:09 PM

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