Thursday, March 14, 2013

Swift Carbon...

This is going to be the quickest blog post ever, from me.

My beautiful new Swift Carbon bike has arrived!  I can hold it with a single pinky finger.  Mahalo Plenty Swift Carbon for being part of my dream chasing journey towards Ironman Hawaii!  Officially, one more race on my beloved 2012 bike, once I return home from Australia this black beauty will be ready to ride.  It's funny, but floods of emails have already come in since posting this photo on Insta and FB, asking for my old bike.  Seriously, I wish I was in position to give it away, but it has to be sold so I can pay for a flight to race another race.  Only serious inquiries, please, if you really want my current Swift Carbon bike:

Size: XS for a girl or boy about 5'5
Condition: Very loved, very used, lots of miles, but plenty more miles in it! Brand new chain (as of today since I busted it on the last ride).  All parts are SRAM red.  Some scratches on the frame but no cracks.  It's really fun to ride...



Blogger ltlindian said...

I kinda wish I were 2" shorter..... I hope you sell it and get a great price!

March 15, 2013 at 10:07 AM

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