Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life like a marathon...

It's a very good thing I enjoy the marathon, because this life I get to live reminds me so much of that long run. It's something incredible, something that takes some courage, and something that pretty much requires you to focus more on the highs than lows.  Saturday, my last weekend of "adventurous recovery" before the 8 week block of swimbikerun takes over, a couple of us braved a marathon hike to Waimanu waterfall #2.  25 miles actually, but I'm certain I walked off the path at least 1.2 miles, so I'm calling it a marathon...

13 valleys we went up, over, between, and through. Some had hidden surprises, the sights you dream of and set you off in that hope that takes over.  Other twists and turns were a bit harsh, like the floods we encountered.  In those valleys we had to use ropes and each other to get across.  We also expected the unexpected and came prepared.  You know how life goes, it was like that.  A marathon hike is just like life if you ask me...


The goal was to not think about sport, you know sometimes stepping back from something you are so close to often lets you get a glimpse of the bigger picture. I really tried not to plan the next race or get lost in the last race.  But I did somehow compare all the running, climbing, falling, and swimming across the rivers to triathlon training, I pretended it was  Day #1 of the 8 week block.  I just want in Kona this October so dearly.  My fridge already holds my notes of encouragement, it's really hard not to think on the things you care about.  Anyways, it's Tuesday now, as promised coach and I did revamp the plan a little.  No Utah 70.3 May 5th.  It will be Hawaii 70.3 then Ironman CDA a couple weeks later.  Warm water, sunshine, maybe even a beach was sort of the desire for an Ironman (can we say Brazil?), but that just would not make sense, $$ and literally a dozen more hours of travel from the island is Brazil.  So...Brave Bree it will have to be, cold water and an Ironman that holds a DNF next to my name.  Perhaps this is the year to cross that finish line in Idaho...

Easter was not the usual.  Kainoa was with his dad this Easter and you know me, I'm sort of lost without Kainoa on Holidays, but that's life.  A big group of us met for an ocean swim and I just kept holding firm to the fact life sometimes does not work out the way we envision but if we are patient we get to see how it works out in ways sometimes even better than we could ever imagine.  THEN, a rainbow appeared and I am not kidding, everything felt peaceful.  Yes, that girl that believes in rainbows the way kids believe in pennies in a water fountain is ME!  The day ended up being so calm, so peaceful, and so relaxing, maybe that's what I needed... while I'm being honest, I did get a lot of time with Mike and that has a way of making life better.

Day #2 into training (pretty excited to be back on a program, it feels like January 1st!!) and I am thrilled.  It's been easy, like "back to square one", kids stuff...

Happy Training,


Blogger ONEHOURIRONMAN said...

CDA has a different bike course compared to when you did it.. Less tricky turns, more climbing

I know it is no consolation, but you will have me to bother you all week long..

April 3, 2013 at 7:12 AM


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