Monday, April 15, 2013

North Shore

It's been a while, sorry about that. Maybe the whirlwind of falling short or the abundance of energy that I hold to live life to the fullest caught me off guard.  And so, I took a time out. In fact I played, there is zero guilty feeling within me. This life (as you know after the Boston attacks today) really is super unpredictable and our days are numbered.  I'm not great at a lot of things, but one thing that has always been easy for me is to love and appreciate those in my life to the point I maybe say, "I love you" till their ears hurt.  Maybe it's important to me to know they always know it and hear it from me. 

Anyways, I was on Oahu for a funeral.  Mike gave the best, most amazing, very moving "good bye remembrance" speech.  It made me want to make even more time for those in my life and the passions I seek to live out.  He also reminded me that LOVE is spelled T-I-M-E.  Making and finding time can be so tricky when you have work & responsibilities to attend to, to make ends meet and deadlines happen, but people aren't deadlines and sometimes we neglect our responsibilities to them, so they get the left overs of our time and so do our passions...

The funeral week on Oahu I clung closely to my bucket list.  One thing on it since 11th grade of high school (I update it every year and cross off everything that gets accomplished) , was North Shore surf.  I'm not kidding, since 1997 it has said in really pretty purple letters, "Surf North Shore big, hang out with Kalani Robb, maybe marry him if he asks".  I was 17 and awesome! Now I'm 33 and after a million Oahu trips still haven't surfed North Shore. I wasn't talking about knee high baby waves, I wanted the real ones...that's the only way the bucket list desire would be checked off.
A very good friend of mine since High School, local North Shore surfer girl, happened to have two brand new boards with her and as luck would have it, a swell rolled in just as I rolled off the plane.  Day one we surfed in waves bigger than I ever surfed any island of Hawaii.  I wasn't chicken but I was scared a couple times, reminding myself my son back home with his dad is expecting me home safely in a couple days.  The shore break just to paddle out was as tall as a truck.  It was an adrenaline rush that needed to fill my 17 year old soul!  Day 2 we surfed another spot equally as adventurous & beautiful.  My heart filled with happy.  Paddling back out after a wave a "Kalani Robb" look alike happened to be paddling out next to me.  It wasn't the same Hawaiian boy from 1997 that I had a poster on my wall of, truth be told my secret crush was very long gone, but it sure made checking off that bucket list from almost 16 years ago very easy to do...
My run training didn't miss a beat on the North Shore.  It was sand filled, shell filled, and sunrise filled.  Something about ocean swims, beach runs, and anything under palm trees always reminds me that I am very much alive and blessed.  Of course I kept thinking about the funeral stuff, not in the way of it being a difficult time, but in the way of it making me want to be better and do better.  It was my first funeral so all the tears that I was expecting came more in the form of inspired than sad.
One morning after a run/surf I walked the beach looking for shells, you know as I've mentioned it a dozen times, that the broken ones are my favorites as they remind me of pieces of my life, that somehow look beautiful when collected with other pieces. As if all the small parts really do make up something bigger and better.  This was my little collection and it honestly looked like my life at the moment when I dumped them out of my hand.  The blue one was Kainoa, the heart is Mike, the purple one is the same as the ring I've worn since my divorce to remind me there is still beauty in what felt like a broken me, the pink one is my secret wish, the green sea glass is my sister Brooke (she had a jar of them in her truck when she crashed and the medics called her dead, but she survived), the others are secrets...
A lot of wonderful things happened during my Oahu trip, not just crossing things of my life bucket list, but also renewing a lot of hope in sport that I needed to keep passionate about.  Some lessons in love, and being reminded that life is short so make it worth living.  I returned back to Kona just in time to sleep then wake up the next morning and teach 1st grade.  It's a very rewarding feeling to be working with the children and making money.  I'm not a girl who chases money or anything, but it feels nice to buy groceries. 

...and from beautiful beach went back into another passion-racing.  The weekend held our islands first team time trial of the season.  Oh we were a mean team, not really, but we tried to make game faces.  It was an absolute blast!  I had to borrow a bike from Bike Works (thanks again Grant and Janet Miller), as some parts to my new bike are lost on Volcano-I'm not kidding, DHL called me today to let me know that bit of info.  Anyways, our team was very race-ready and the push, pull, sucker punch was exactly what I needed.  We ended up winning the thing after pulling ahead of last years winning team.  It was pretty exciting as it was my first ever team time trial.  I always do better in my triathlons when I race the local events so I put a local 10 mile run race on this weekends calendar...
Making our move...
Move made!  Look how perfect our feet are all in sync! 

Thanks Zoot, Bike Works, Breakthrough Nutrition, and Rolf Prima for making me feel race ready.  And Swift Bikes, thank you too, I know my beautiful new bike will be here after it's visit to the volcano...

That pretty much sums up the moments recently.  A little time out to catch up did me good, putting into perspective a view to my life that I enjoy looking at.  It's about 7 weeks till the next big race, secretly I am wanting one sooner.  Ironman Melbourne taught me a lesson though, "patience", so I will keep training away till then and enjoy the local, smaller races as training days till a start line on the path to a bigger goal approaches.

Finally, to those closer to the events of Boston today, I am sorry.  Prayers have been prayed for you guys and my heart is hurting for you.  I've hugged and kissed my son tightly today in remembrance of  the little 8 year old girl, the heart ache I pray to never know and I feel deeply for her family right now...



Blogger mark provenzano said...

Thanks Bree :) Excellent stuff!

April 16, 2013 at 4:47 AM

Blogger Kailin Acheson said...

Awesome job on the team TT. That is something I've always dreamed of doing :-)

April 16, 2013 at 5:46 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Congratulations on winning the Team TT. Isn't that weird not having to swim before you hop on a bike? :-)
It's funny you say you like the broken shells the best...I've just returned from a gorgeous beach with a bunch of broken ones because I like the shapes or the colour.
lots of love

April 17, 2013 at 5:00 AM


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