Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The girl in Kona finally got her bike 90% ready to ride!  I'm going to take it out tomorrow anyway, the crank is too big, but I am so full of ambition to get back on MY BIKE and log some miles, so Ill ride pretending to have long legs.  Seriously, Bike Works boys my biggest appreciation goes out to you for all the help with this.  Pros are such pain in the butts...I know.

My little sister gave me the best quote, "Doing your best is taking the action because you love it, not because you're expecting a reward".  Okay, I do work/train really hard for a finish line, but she is so right on, things done out of love always find a way to reward us.  Today was especially true for me...

It was masters 6am practice, raining, and I just could not be the mom that wakes my sleeping 6year old up to hang out on the deck in the rain with coach Steve.  I know I needed to be at practice, it is my job, the luxury of having Kainoa stay home sleeping is not an option or my reality at the moment, so he goes where I go...motherhood ruled over work.   After getting him to school the very thought of a solo pool swim just crushed me.  But I remembered Brookes quote, "take the action because I love it...." and so, I swam purely on passion and what is usually a dreaded thing to pool swim solo landed me a mental breakthrough having to pace, push, and make send offs without Kona Aquatics in the pool with me.  Not expecting a reward landed me a reward...

The same was true for my spicy paced run, "do it because I love it..."  I ended up running faster than I have all year and feeling better than imagined.  Maybe that's the secret, to forget about the outcome or reward that awaits our hard work and just do the work because we actually like it.  Simple. 
By the time the day was all said and done, we collected another sunset with friends as our entertainment. (Kainoa on his own choice has given up all TV, computer, and phone games).  Seriously, this kid blows my socks off.  My mom always tells me it's because God never gives us more than we can handle.  That is her nice way of saying I need an easy child I guess, or when he's 16 i'll be in for a rude awakening....

Alright, I have to get to bed, tomorrow is "ride my bike" day...
Good night!


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

And have you noticed that whenever we force ourselves to start a workout that we were dreading, when all is done, we never regret it? :-)
love from South Africa, yes I'm still here sightseeing after the race

April 17, 2013 at 4:49 AM


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