Sunday, May 5, 2013

Going Long...

You know what I just learned, late bloomer over here, that most things truly worthwhile take a long time to achieve.  Or understand.  Or develop.  Or become reality.  Not all of them, but the ones that usually are a really big deal seem to take a long time in my life.  Maybe that's why coaches always say, "It's always too soon to quit" and parents always say, "Never give up", because after a long time we eventually get there. Or understand. Or Develop.  Or see results become reality.

My patience sucks.  I'm just being honest.  Finally though, I had a very good long run.  Not just good because I went really far after being sidelined for almost 3 months.  Not good because it was just a little bit quick.  It was both in a single run and I haven't felt that since 2012.  Everything wonderful happened, kind of a fairytale of a run.  The clothes fit good, no rashing shorts, sunscreen never ran in my eyes, the IPOD had all the best songs, the shoes felt like Cinderella's glass slippers, legs felt strong and head felt focused...a run you want to happen in a race.

4 weeks and 7 weeks till my two June races.  Start lines that seemed long are getting close...

Saturday was the Cinco de Mayo swim, it was an ocean mile and perhaps a favorite race of mine over the years.  It usually goes something like this, "Try and keep up with as many high school swimmers as I can".  It was their prom night so I was expecting them to be extra fast so they could hurry home to get make-up on and look pretty for the night.  Well, surprising the pants right off me, I held on to most all the feet that I painted imaginary little red targets on.  Maybe I was in a big hurry to get out of the water and get a fancy dress on!  Truth be told, I think all those months using the pull buoy to drag my broken foot around actually paid off, having run so far the day before I was really good at dragging my legs. (Maybe I believe in the buoy now). I was happy to have had a good swim and even more thankful that the boys were willing to spend the morning at the beach with me.

After that, right on up to Hawi in the rain, on bikes, through the wind.  Training day complete and right into a shorter Sunday run and some family time, including the garden of course.  Other than the long Ironman training it seems like the zucchini are out of control.  4 of them are now longer than my arm!  I really should post the zucchini bread recipe if I ever wrote down what I mix!  It's become a bit of an addiction and if you like green bread with bananas you might like it...

I'm not sure if this is my longest week of the month or next week will be, I just know I'm excited to keep going in the direction of seeing some results (finally).  As for long distance goals, it's really hard to believe that May is already here, that's half way to October.  I keep dreaming of Ironman Hawaii this season and running through my backyard.  That's probably one of my favorite parts of having a dream, the journey to get there...



Blogger Lucy Francis said...

what a huge courgette!!!
Yum yum
i'm sure that's down to the volcanic soil :-)

May 8, 2013 at 1:17 AM


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