Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday In Idaho...

Yesterday this momma hugged her favorite 6 year old aloha for a couple days and was only partially homesick.  Usually it's a little ridiculous how emotional I get before my flights, but Kainoa has his grandparents in town and if there is one thing a child does not need while grandparents are around, it's his mom.  Let the spoiling, the treats, the great bedtime stories, the endless amounts of hugs, and constant attention begin.  He is in great hands and that has set me free to go to work...

You all know what happened last time Kainoa was left with my parents-I had a great race.

My final prerace run on home soil was perfect.  You know when you have that complete peace in your heart, that everything is just as it should be.  Life, love, and sport...I had that.  The sunrise was brilliant, the ocean breeze was actually refreshing rather than the usual heat it blows on my runs, and all the plumerias a girl could ever want were in full bloom.  Ready to jump on the plane...

Landing in Idaho way past my bedtime right into the support of Mrs. Hutter.  Thankfully the welcome sign was bright enough to wake me up, bling baby!!  It's always very nice going to a race where you know the faces.  She gave me all sorts of motherly love and advice.  We girl talked about boys.  We sport talked about Sunday.  We had a nice drive from one state to the next...

This morning the swim looked cold, was cold, but was tolerable.  I'll be really honest, at first tip-toe, I was over it.  My mind mentally went ballistic and home sounded like the best place on Earth.  Then, each and everything, the fears and demons of 2010 paraded in my head.  It was so ugly.  The misery of that cold swim, freezing to exhaustion on the bike, then dropping out of the run left me single highhandedly ready to put up a fight.  Not this year Bree, not this year.  So I faced the cold, swam, then got right out and into the hottest shower you ever will know in you life.  Point of the story, I know it's going to be cold for a girl like me, however, I know I have a bigger will to brave it than I ever have.  And... it is really, really pretty here.

Next up for the day was pro panel.  Honestly, these are not my favorite moments before a race.  I like people, take that back, I love people, but I'm not that good at sitting in front of them.  So of course my fingers were crossed that if by chance I had a question thrown at me an answer would come out of my mouth.  I only got one.  I'm pretty sure the best part of that was having found my friend Wilma in the crowd.  Once again, it is the familiar faces making this race so much more enjoyable, so much more like home...

Then pro meeting.  Nothing exciting there, just know the course.

AND then the Zoot run with Ben Hoffman, Joszef Major, and me.  It was pretty cool jogging through the down town with the 2 speedy guys that have the big Ironman CDA win as a big possibility and once again, it was a really nice opportunity to in some very small, small, way give back to the community. Just being able to run with new faces and meet a few of the volunteers that will be out there all day Sunday was a good expericence...thank you in advance by the way, to those lovely volunteers.  While I'm at it with the "mahalos", sincerely thank you to my incredible homestay family!  I always think I get the best of the best and this time is just the same, they are the best...

And here they are, my new Zoots.  If you ask me, they look like the ocean swirled over white wash.  The laces are a beautiful coral color much like the seashells of home too, perfect for 26.2 miles...

And just before I tuck in, I have a really blurry photo for you of my race day stuff.  Minus the wetsuit that is trying to dry without icicles.  There are 5 things that just look super out of place.  #1.  Arm warmers.  #2.  Toe covers on my bike shoes. #3 Socks in my bike bag (just in case) I have yet to ever where socks on the bike.  #4 A rubber freezing cold water swim cap, hoping not to need it.  #5. Ear/head band thingy.  I'm not even sure of the proper name, I like it though.  When you run you can wear it over your head and it covers your ears. 

Okay, I better try and sleep. Good night from Idaho!!


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Bree my lovely, even for me living in a colder climate I can never get used to swimming in cold water. Please know that you're not alone!
You did very well in doing a swim recce so today you know exactly what to expect water temp. wise.
Yep! the feet will feel chilly on the bike, at least to start with, like ice blocks and they will go numb for a while. It's a weird feeling but they will warm up through the day and having either the socks or toe warmers will assist you in that.
Headband is the right word :-) I have a collection of those. Good racing. I bet you'll set a run PR on this one

June 21, 2013 at 11:33 PM

Blogger ltlindian said...

Good luck from Maine and I'm looking forward to watching you online tomorrow. Go get em!

June 22, 2013 at 2:52 PM


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