Monday, June 10, 2013

The Sunday Run...

There will forever and always hold a special spot in my heart for the Sunday run.  Since 2003 when I decided to start running, 'er jog/walking, Sunday has always been the best morning.  Maybe not always waking up to run when it's cold, or I'm sleepy, or everyone is going to the beach...but after...

And sometimes during.

This month celebrates my 10 year anniversary of  "I want to be a runner".  Its so special to think back on the runs, the people I have met running, the places I have run through and things I've seen.  To think of the races, challenges, and the cute shoes and clothes!  To think of everything and anything that comes with lacing shoes and finding a little piece of happy in the middle of  "being free".

Without a doubt Sunday mornings have landed as my favorite mornings.  And yesterday was the same.  Mike loaded his bike in the truck, some water bottles, and kept me company.  We run together sometimes, but these mornings when he rides and I run, are when I feel so completely blessed.  These are the mornings when he gives up his time to be part of the journey of my dreams.  He rides next to me, holds my goal pace, and even spits out some motivation.  Of course I know how fortunate I am!  This is something I used to dream about, and now it happens.

Yesterday was my "focus on Ironman CDA" run.  And for the first time since really going full focus on reaching Ironman Hawaii this October, it felt as if he was more sold on next weekends Ironman "job to be done" than me.  Mike did that thing some really good friends/family do for us, they get right in your face and make you face yourself.  He brought up the run from Hawaii 70.3 and made me go back to that rough spot when my pretty little moment of being in the lead went dark and ugly, and he challenged me like nobody else, only I have in the the quiet moments when I get mad about it.  He asked me why I didn't try to chase the girls back down, why did I just try to hold off 4th and be okay with giving up my lead just because of some tuff-luck.  He was so right, I never chased down the 1 and 2 girls that took advantage of my disadvantage out there...

With tears in my eyes, feeling like I left some of my race out there, he challenged me yesterday on that run to be an even better runner.  I love how running does that, how it makes us that much better every time we lace our shoes.  And I love how it brings good people to our lives, helping us go one more step...

Happy Running!


Blogger Nicole and Scott Kesten said...

You will do amazing at IMCDA. Sending good vibes your way... your Kona slot is waiting for you! Good LUCK!

June 10, 2013 at 11:59 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

At heart I'm a runner who discovered triathlon so I'm nodding my head as I read your post. How I understand you. When you get to CDA double check the course with the organizers and get someone to drive you around it. That'll banish those 70.3 demons away come race day. Good on Mike for supporting you....does he play "eye of the tiger" to psyche you up to? :-) only kidding.
Take care you two

June 10, 2013 at 9:42 PM

Blogger Crystal Banning said...

Very inspiring post, thank you! I am still in the beginning stages of my "I want to be a runner" decision and it gives me hope that an athlete like you had a similar moment and is still learning!

All the best to you!
Hawaii Sport Magazine

June 21, 2013 at 9:31 PM


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