Friday, June 28, 2013

To Want. To Believe. To Begin Again...

As of 45 minutes or so ago, the plan was put into motion.  It really is still the same plan that was penned out in January, except plan B had to happen rather than plan A.  Originally the goal was to lock down the points for Ironman Hawaii at Ironman CDA, head to the Philippines 70.3, then focus on October.  Plan B from January originally meant return to Ironman Louisville if I needed some more points.  Tiny change up. No Louisville (it's only 1000 points). New destination is Canada, for 2000 points at Whistler or 4000 at Mount T.  The plan still feels on track, the train has not been derailed, it just decided to head to another country...

We decided Mount T.

Part of me wanted Whistler, it's my nephews name, its closer, it's about $200 more affordable.  The other part of me wanted Mount T.  It is a week earlier, I heard it might be humid,  and more possibility for points.  In my brain, it looks like Whistler would be a pressure cooker, "MUST. GET. TOP. 3".  And you know what happened last time I put myself in a pressure cooker, I took a chance that did not take me back.  Mount T is more of, "Do your race Bree, just your own" and then I land in the points.  AS Ironman goes, both hold ridiculous amounts of possibility to be humbled.  Ironman will forever be respected as I know how long and hard it can be and is. 

And I'm already spilling the plan because there is no better way to stay committed, focused, and motivated, than to state the goal and be held accountable...

Philippines 70.3, wipe out points from Ironman Melbourne with Philippines
Ironman Mount T, race with some faith, score it as my 5th race for KPR
Ironman Hawaii

Yes, I know... 4 Ironmans in a year that would be.  We can talk about that later. For now, 2 races to focus on.  How it will all unfold actually getting to Canada, not really sure yet, kind of a bummer school is out for Summer as that was my extra work with some teaching.  There has been an unbelievable amount of support, encouragement, and prayers sent my way though,  It really makes all of this dream come alive.  And, thank you for making it possible...

It is now sunset on the island, I have butterflies.  Opportunity always does that to me...
Have a good weekend!



Blogger Michele said...

I cannot say enough how much I admire your tenacity and your spirit.

Set up a page
or a PayPal link.

See what happens. Personally I would contribute, and it would be great if the stress of expenses could be lessened a bit so that you could focus on your training.

June 29, 2013 at 4:43 AM

Blogger Adrian said...

My hometown, well near enough at Montreal!! Hope to go up there and cheer you on!!! Kona here you come!

June 29, 2013 at 3:22 PM

Blogger JC said...

You will be amazing in mount tremblant. Yeah to coming to Canada. Your spirit and drive are fantastic bree. Xoxox

June 29, 2013 at 8:22 PM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

I've heard Mt. Tremblant is beautiful and a cracking course. I'm honestly amazed at how hard it is for you Pros, to have to chase the points all over the world and of course not all races are equal. We AG's can't complaint really.

June 30, 2013 at 7:20 AM

Blogger Kim said...

Excited to race with you at Ironman Mt Tremblant Bree! Glad to hear you will be there!

July 1, 2013 at 9:54 AM


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