Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lessons From a Boat...

The weekend appeared to be super normal, Kainoa at his dad's landing me plenty of training time, Mike home for the weekend, the King's Swim 1.2, and mow the lawn.  The swim race went well, feeling nearly recovered from the Ironman 2 Sundays ago. Oh you know me, I made the usual moves paying the usual price, but I LOVE taking risks in local races.  That is what open water swim racing is all about anyways, just go-no bike to ride afterwards.  Except I rode bike and pretended it was Philippines 70.3, jumping on my bike right away for 60 miles.  It feels so good to be back in action. 

My head mostly filled with thoughts about triathlon, as I try really hard not to think it, speak it, and be all about it during weekend family time.  On the bike or with training partners is where I leave it, you know, coworkers.  I really want to race Kona, I know the challenge of it and the heart break when you go for something with the potential to miss the mark.  18 races left in our series, 2 happened this weekend, moving me out of 34th place and to 41st.  I'm still hanging on though, its so close. With 2 races to go for me, each race a shift in points happen...

Just as I was pulling into the parking lot to finish my ride, fully leaving my race, training, and KPR point chasing thoughts at "work" so I could go home to family, I saw Mike and Sammy (his younger son) waiting on me.  They had green tea and eggs.  A little smile happened, without having to make my triathlon known to the max around our home, they still find ways to be a big part of it.  It made me feel like a million bucks.  More lessons then seemed to roll right through the day, from a boat...

  • Lesson 1.  Sometimes the best moments are the ones that simply happen, without any planning at all.
  • Lesson 2.  Have a little patience
  • Lesson 3.  It's always too soon to give up
You know what happened?  Mike had 3 of his recruit firemen in town, on a boat!  Never was I expecting to jump off my bike after a big morning of "work" and be taken to a boat!  No plan at all, not even a bikini packed for the trip, was perhaps a best day in my life! (I happened to have a bikini in my bag anyways, because every girl from an island has one laying around at all times).

From the boat we cruised along looking at all the beautiful cliffs and beaches that can be a mystery to find from land.  We of course stopped at one cliff, swam over, climbed up, jumped off, then back on the boat to load up some poles to catch dinner...

 A day under the Kona sun, with Mike, Sammy, and 3 firemen recruits was a girls dream day come true!  Well, almost, Kainoa would have loved this adventure!  We trolled for a little bit, caught nothing, decided to find some caves that are really impossible to find from a car ride!  We moored for a little bit and snorkeled around to check in underwater caves, finding hundreds of fish and a white tip reef shark.  It was truly surreal, leaving me so captivated by a day like this happening all without ever knowing firemen were even in town with a boat!  I really should stop being such a "planner" and welcome more of the unknown, it really can be a sweet surprise.

And just when we were about to pull in the lines, another lesson, always too soon to give up.  We caught an ono!  It was so incredible getting that fish on boat, knowing dinner was going to be fresh!  With that, we extended the adventure of this day and decided to have the firemen back to our home, cook up the fish into tacos, and share our home for sleep so they didn't have to drive back to Hilo at midnight!  Of course that meant wake up and cook more rice, fish, and eggs for breakfast for these guys...

 My other lesson, that of patience happened on the boat too!  A surf board, one of the guys happened to have brought a board on the boat!  Everyone took a turn (and more) and turn!!  Seriously, a day could not have gone any more incredible if it were planned!  I called this my seconds swim workout and before I knew it, the sun was about to set into a painted sky of all colors happy!

I did wake up to tackle my run, the fish made me feel fast, or maybe I was just so amazed that a weekend that appeared to be normal was anything but.  It's Sunday night now, the lawn is mowed, a new week starts tomorrow, and Summer keeps sending me some surprises...

And not that you asked, but I'll tell you anyways, our garden is up to something too.  It needs some major attention because whatever seeds we planted, (I think they are Japanese cucumbers), seem to be taking on odd shapes.  I told my self not till after Ironman Mount Tremblant can I redo the garden, it's a project that needs back ups, as you can see by whatever that green vegetable is!

Alright, have a nice week and thanks for reading!


Blogger Ange said...

your 3 lessons, for personal reasons at this moment, made me tear up....
yes... always too soon to give up. Perfect. :)

Ironman Mont Tremblant!!!! Ohh... I did the inaugural 70.3 last year. Amazing venue. I think you'll love it. It's 2nd only to Kona for my favorite races. I'll be cheering for you from Maine.

July 10, 2013 at 6:43 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Each day is one step closer to making the dream happen. It sounds like everyone around also wants to help you get there and you draw a lot of positive energy from that.
Funny you should say that every island girl carries a bikini. In "my island" we all carry a mini umbrella in our bags :-)
Take care

July 10, 2013 at 10:09 AM


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