Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Light House...

You know what they say about light houses, they bring us home.  They are the whats left standing when we go out on our travels, adventures, and whatever else we go after.  They light the way when we need to find our way back or just guide us when we get closer. 

As October draws closer, it feels like I am more than ever chasing my dreams out to sea.  With travel to Philippines a week away then Canada right after that, more than ever I am finding just how much those sailors must have appreciated the light houses.  Its a big deal to go way, way out to sea in search of what you are looking for.  I'm not scared, truth is, sometimes it takes a big travel into the unknown to really see all the light you have keeping you on your path.  

This weekend Mike had to work a 12 hour shift at Relay For Life.  It's for a good cause, I've never actually even been to one till Sunday.  I promised him I'd keep him company for the last 2 hours of his shift, 4am-6am.  And so I long run around a track with tons of others all walking/running for a purpose.  It was by far one of my best long runs, ever.  SO much motivation and encouragement.  If you have yet to support the cause, do it...

At first I felt bad, just showing up to do my long run at the event.  But after a few miles, it was more awesome than expected.  Little kids were running with me, others walking decided to jog, I met so many people.  Some felt motivated to keep going because a crazy girl was running circles for 2 hours non stop, and you know what else, you forget all about yourself.  I needed that.  

Another great light house so to speak, has been Leahi.  Maybe you know her, probably heard of her.  She is the Islands best, fastest, most incredible long distance swimmer.  On the same day as Ironman Mount T. she is swimming the Kaiwi Channel.  Do you know about that?!  It's 26 miles from Molokai to kidding.  She is swimming a marathon! I keep using her as my light, "if she can swim that far gosh darn, I can run that far".  Yesterday she was my swim partner in the middle of the day, ocean chop and all.  I think thats what great people are on Earth for, to be our light houses.  Some of them just stand tall and bright for us as we venture out, helping us find our way home.  Others go light the path challenging us to follow the foot steps of our own dreams.  So I swam my booty off with her...

And then I got these girls...
My sisters.  We have been having dance parties like we are still 12.  We even film the action and dress up, like we have done all our lives, entertaining nobody but ourselves.  Family has got to be your greatest light house when you set off in the dark.  And of course those friends that are family, like Wenders who lets me go for long rides while she pals around with Kainoa.

Training on the island has been going good.  This morning I swam a :58 for one of my 100's, that was a first.  Ever.  Then I tried to be a light to the High School Triathlon team, riding intervals with them over 3 hours.  It was pretty exciting as they prepare to be the youngest in Ironman Hawaii this October, to be the girl on the bike next to them, telling them to "Find a way, to hold on, to keep going", even caused me to do the same.  Kainoa is playing me a song on the ukulele right now, it's pretty awesome, if I lose sight of the light this kid will always have a song to sing me home...

Have a good week!


Blogger Ordinarylife said...

my family is also my lighthouse.

July 23, 2013 at 10:33 PM

Blogger mark provenzano said...

Bree, That is some great stuff! I never looked at my loved ones as lighthouses before but they are. My goal is to be thier lighthouse as well! 26mi swim? GOOD LUCK Leahi!

July 24, 2013 at 2:59 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Bree my lovely I'm in Switzerland at the moment and my butterflies are working overtime + the temperature here is like Kona 100F. Keep it up chick, your time to set those butterflies free is nearly here :-)

The Molokai channel swim is well known in the long distance swimming circles and it's up there with our English channel swim just nicer warmer waters and less ferries. I'm sure Leahi will do really well

July 26, 2013 at 6:08 AM


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