Friday, July 5, 2013

Post Cards From The Journey...

One day in the Philippines, with a new friend...
With America's Birthday, Kainoa's Birthday, getting back to work, mailing out wetsuits I promised to give away, and family on the island, the plate has been full of mostly good stuff.  Amongst all the good n' busy, almost to the point of exhaustion, I was sent into a sincere appreciation.  That this is my life and I appreciate it very, very much.  My home, my family and friends, Kainoa and Mike, and my job.  Right now, this is the ride of my life, though it may not always be smooth...

11 years ago when I graduated college, there is no part in my mind or heart that would have ever believed that one day I would be a professional athlete.  Ever.  Not just because I didn't even know what triathlon really was, but I had the white picket fence dream. Where I stay put, have a horse, plan family vacations, and work 7am-3pm as a teacher.  But life happens and dreams grow, doors open, and before you know it, where you imagined you would be in 10 years, you are far beyond what you ever thought possible. Because sometimes life happens better than imagined. So here I am.

While many nights are spent shuffling through plans to make dreams reality and days are spent on the bike, in the pool, running, or teaching, it has all been an experience of a lifetime to call this my job.  I've had highs, like good pay days, sponsors giving me salary and free gear, all the bills paid and money in the bank. I've had lows, loosing all my sponsors, injury, sour races, going back into the classroom and side jobs.  It really has been the people in my life, not the things or outcomes of races, that have helped me stick to my guns.  It really has been support from unknown places, far away places, and new faces, that have made a lot of it possible for me.  And while I always try to give back and share the journey, it was Monday that it hit me...people care.  We find inspiration in each other, we find hope and even lessons from others.  And of course, there are a dozen saved emails of those reaching out to help me with this dream to make it into Kona.  That is where I keep stumbling...

Humbled, how to just say, "Thank you!" and accept the support. I read the emails, save them, then move on.  But on Monday, it hit me, people would not be writing to help if they couldn't help or if they didn't want in on this journey.  Monday, on a bike ride, the idea to share the journey even more personally came into some what of an action.  If you want to help, thank you, I need the help.  Phew, got that out, humbled but refreshed.  And here is how I can give back...

Wherever I race over the season, I'll send you a post card from that race destination, so you can see what my eyes see, and read what I'm feeling.  I know this is such an opportunity to race amongst the best, line up with great athletes, and be in places some only dream of seeing, now you can come along on the journey more closely with me!  And, with any support, great or small, I'll also send a monthly newsletter to your house with what my favorite workouts have been, a recipe, and pictures of the training going on.  I just want to make it more personal since people are caring more personally about me.  That's all I can offer now.

The next two races are the Philippines 70.3 and Ironman Mount Tremblant.  They are my last races to collect points into Ironman Hawaii.  I'll take you with me, write you from there, and keep you in the loop on the way to October.  If you are interested, even in a small way, you can write me here:

Bree Wee
Po Box 1033
Kailua-Kona, HI 96745 sure to send your mailing address to me for those post cards and letters!

Above are 3 of my most precious moments from my journeys, I take these pictures with me always as they impacted my life a little deeper than some others.   On that note, I should head to the pool and take Sammy to get his braces off today!  Life, love, and sport...beautiful.

Shoes on the left for Philippines, shoes on the right for Canada, Zoot is another reason I can keep running!  Thank you Zoot for showing up on my door today, I'd be running in my slippers without you!



Blogger mtanner said...

Good on you! I'm all over it!

July 5, 2013 at 5:51 PM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Bree I'm reading this sitting in my tiny garden (my bit of heaven) on a balmy summer's evening and do you know what?
Growing up I never thought I would have a garden or be living in a foreign country :-)
Funny how life turns out eh?
Do you have a paypal account Bree? for those of us outside of US :-)

July 6, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Blogger Julia Jones said...

I'm outside the US also, if you could set up a paypal account that would be great!

July 10, 2013 at 10:48 AM


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