Thursday, August 15, 2013

Canada, eh?

I'm here and exhausted.   Last night around midnight I managed to get very lost at the airport, but I found my way, always do when I sleep walk.  This morning when I landed in Montreal the thought of taking a nap on the side of the road entertained me, somehow I survived the 90 minute drive to Mont Tremblant at 2am Hawaii time, but it took me 2 and a half hours.  I got lost, again. My theme is "no excuses princess, find a way, suck it up".  I'm sleepy though.  From Philippines on one side of the world, home in the middle of the ocean for a week, to another 6 hour time zone on this side of the world and my eyeballs just want to sleep.  Have you seen the zombie version of me?  It's the photo above...

Making it alive to the home stay was such a sigh of relief.  By this time I'm hungry and homesick.  Travel is so beautiful and of course enriching, but not having family to do all the "oooohs, ahhhhs, look at this, look at that" with gets hard for a girl on the road.  Reminded myself to suck it up princess.  My host was so inviting and her home is so beautiful, like the Smurfs cottages, this entire town reminds me of being in the Smurf village!   Then the most perfect moment fell into place, mail from my friend Jill sent to me, here in Mont Tremblant! It was a beautiful letter reminding me why I'm here and my job at hand.  When you have just one opportunity to go, there is no time to be anything but ready to go. Her letter inspired me to grab hold of my dream and get going on making it reality, that is why I have come this far.  A quick peek in the fridge, bananas and yogurt in the belly, it was build up the bike and ride.  Spin out the legs and see what this little town holds for me...

Arret means STOP, I learned that much.

My first order of business was to get hugs, and who better to receive them from but Gilles and Marc Andre!  They were my very first bike managers, the best bike techs in the sport (if you ask me) and have become family over the years.  They take such lovely care of me and today they loved on my bike, set me on my way to athlete check-in, and off to ride my bike.

Mont Tremblant is by far one of the most clean, beautiful, quiet places I have ever been.  It is truly unlike any of the 14 or so countries I have seen in my life.  To describe it is really challenging for a girl like me, one who has never been to Europe, it looks like what I imagine Europe to be like.  It has ski slopes, little cottages, bright happy colors, friendly people, a town smaller than Kona, it is a fairytale land.  A place where truly, dreams will come true for so many of us on Sunday.  One of my dreams hang on the race course, KONA.  This is my road to Kona, my opportunity, and I want it.  Being the North American Championships, with plenty of KPR points, the field is loaded with talent, hopes, and dreams.  Some write up said I need a top 14 to seal the deal here, not sure what that is all about because there are 7 other races with opportunities.  My Math tells me not to trust 14th place, to dig deeper, top 10, top 8, I just have to have a top-kind-of-day. 

My plan is so simple.  Do my thing.  Just my thing, patiently.  I have already blown races this season lacking in patience and focusing on my surroundings too much more than within me.  Lessons learned.  I'm not scared, I'm ready and happy...

The beautiful finish line...
I love finish lines, they become start lines...

Thank you to the good people at customs that let me in, just maybe my friends "Canadian Girls Rock" T-shirt worked!   Thank you to a huge handful of people that made this entire opportunity a possibility for me, I am beyond words happy to be holding all this support and love, feels really good.

Okay my French speaking, Mont Tremblant amigos, I think I need to go to bed, well eat then go to bed.  It really has been a beautiful day here in Canada and there is no doubt in my mind it will just keep getting better...

Lotsa Love,


Blogger Musings said...

Welcome to Canada Bree! Believe in your're awesome girl!!!

August 15, 2013 at 3:16 PM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Bree you jetsetter :-) Bone chance on Sunday. Canada sounds like Austria and Switzerland which are super clean and all the houses look like dolls houses. UK?....different story.
Rest up chick

August 15, 2013 at 9:33 PM


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