Monday, August 12, 2013

For the Love of Race week...

My apologies for the lack of updates over the weekend, actually no apologies.  I landed home and soaked up all the time I possibly could with my family.  Its off to Canada this week and when I maximize my time home it minimizes my homesick when I'm away...

For the love of race week, finally the day (or time in my career) has arrived where I love race week, the race part.  The expo, seeing friends, the last few workouts, even packing my bike.  Soaking up the energy and support from all over the place, finally putting into motion all I've worked for.  And I know this job is the kind that has an expiration date on it, so perhaps I'm loving the journey equal to all the destinations arrive at.  And I am learning...

About 14 Ironmans and 14 or so half Ironmans later (Maybe I''ll do exact Math on my flight), I am learning that race week also effects me right smack in the heart, painfully.  Perhaps the pressures to make a pay day, the desire to have all the training land in a great performance on the course, knowing I am leaving home for a few days, and some other unknowns that rest on results, seem to sneak up on me and make me kind of a pain in the ass.  

For starters, I get like an opihi and just want to clench right onto my family, mostly Mike I seem to dish out every emotion on him.  It makes me feel safe and hidden from what I maybe fear just a little, to hide right under his arms and be very close that it takes pryers to get me off, like those little opihi.  And sleeping is really, really hard for me.  I think about the time zone I'm heading to and try to sleep at that bedtime, but look at my watch and see that it's 6 hours difference and it drives me crazy that I'm not even tired and can't fall asleep, so I end up awake all night.  I know we all have our things on race week. You can't deny it.  I've seen people go crazy where they won't see family all week or eat or drink anything but "special" stuff.  I've seen people at races throwing things at their bikes!  Mine is, has always been, and might always be, the desire to pull in even closer my family.

Knowing this, I tried to prevent my selfish need to have everyone in the house stick really close, by planning a Friday date night.  I put on the Filipino orange heels, the boys and Mike looked amazing in their dress up shirts, and in some small way I thought that would save our weekend, to just kick the race week opihi clenching problem in the butt, to have a night close together so we could rest easy over the weekend and I'd be calm with everyone (myself included) going about our ways...

It worked really well, it was better than most all my other race week moments.  But now Monday morning is here and I am sad as heck, trying to just fire up excitement to get on a plane in a couple days and go grab those KPR points to Kona!  I already miss those 3, with Kainoa to his dads, Mike to Hilo, and knowing it will be a week or so till I see them.

Oh, but I'm a brave girl and I know I'll be alright once I get on my way.  This is the part of my job that is hard though and it always humors me when friends tell me how lucky I am to get away from my family for a while.  "How nice it must be to have a break from kids.  How it must be refreshing not to cook or clean up after anyone or share the bed!"  Those things, the little things like that, are all my favorite parts...the best parts and things I miss most.  While Monday is trying to drown me in my own tears, some good advice received from my older and wiser sister:  Focus on the best parts of the weekend. 

Here they are...

Boating to a mile.  Yes, the Hawaii Fire Department Recruit 42 class was practicing their open water mile swim and our little family got to be part of it.  I am so in love with ocean swimming, it made me so happy splashing around with fire recruits and seeing Kainoa and Sammy jumping on and off the boat as it followed up down the coast.

Friday date in heels was pretty unreal too, It's not often the boys all smell so good and my feet are in anything other than stinky shoes.  Of course I trained, just some recovery/ramp up stuff.  A run, the best kind where Mike rides the bike along with me. It's pretty much the best parts of my training into any race having those miles with him.  He reminds me I'm more than a triathlete yet I am better than I think.  I have to remind myself that he is giving up a weekend morning to join me and appreciate it.  I do.  More than you know. 

And... I biked!  LOOK!  I finally got new bike shoes.  It's been a while and the others were on the edge of not holding up through Philippines, I was literally praying they would make it.  The original plan was to "reward" myself with new bike shoes once I qualify for Kona, ah, resisting temptation took over and I played it safe by grabbing the shoes now so I know they will make it through Canada.  Anyways, I thought 41 in Sidi was an 8.5 in womens and I was wrong, wore them one ride, too big (9's), and had to have my friend Andrew on Oahu send 40's.  So..... I have a pair of 41's that have like 42 miles on them, originally $260 bucks that I will happily give a big discount on (used my friends), if any girl needs a new pair of Sidi.  I'd like to give them away but I need to pay for the new size 40's... so email me if you need a discounted pair of Sidi, with only 42 miles on them...size 9.

Couple more nights home then off to Canada.  I really am excited, this is a huge opportunity to be so close to racing in my back yard.  There was another race over the weekend and my KPR position had no change, pheww... 8 more races in the chase for the last 7 slots.  Oh it is exciting to say the least!  Also landed a slot to Vegas 70.3 over the weekend, not really sure about that one yet.  Every year I roll it down and I'm about 99% sure I will this time too, just financially it's not on the plan and I really, really, really just want to get into Kona and focus on October. After Canada it might be good to chill for a breath then get going again for Kona without another race in there...but who knows.  Need to consult Masuders on this one!

Have a good week.


Blogger JC said...

OMG - those shoes, you are BRAVE, they are so high and skinny lol! Those really ARE the best parts of life. You WILL be AMAZING in Canada. Gooooo BREEEEEE!

August 13, 2013 at 3:13 AM

Blogger Tina Marie Parker said...

Have a safe trip! Lots of postive enegry your way too.

August 13, 2013 at 10:32 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

SIDI shoes are the best, a great investment. Put them up on e-bay and on auction for 10 days. I sell all of my spare cycling gear and I get nearly the full price for everything even though I make it clear it is used. I include a bio for each item such as "this chain ring has powered me up a hill at such and such race at some exotic locations around the world and the reason I'm selling it's because I had a bike fit...."
Don't feel you have to apologize for not updating your blog. You have a great reason for wanting to spend time with your family :-) IMMT is just around the corner. I agree with you there is a lot of un-glamour in all the travelling to races, even for us AGs. Running through an airport whilst wheeling the bike case, or worring that my luggage didn't make it onto the flight. Once at our destination we have to familiarize ourselves with the area, language and quickly adjust to local culture as well as attending all the Ironman registration, briefing, course recce,'s not a holiday that's for sure, but that's what I tell my hubby, poor thing :-) take care Bree

August 13, 2013 at 9:34 PM

Blogger Kathy said...

I know how you feel about family. I'm away from mine for 11 more days and last night i was ACHING for my girls and boys and Man. Hopefully I'll remember this the next time they get on my Very Last Nerve (which isn't often as they're almost all teens).

Have a GREAT race! We're all cheering for you to lock down those KPRs.

August 14, 2013 at 7:45 AM


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