Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Island to Island to Canada...

Landed last night to my favorite pair of blue eyes in the world, WELCOME HOME is right!  It felt good, it felt like perfect timing.  No matter how lovely a place in the world, such as Philippines, there is no place like home.  I love home most in the world...

I'm home for a week, then off to the next and final qualifying race for me.  I'm 5 girls out from qualifying as of right now.  SO close, so very close.  I'm just trying to stay calm and courageous.
You know how long races go, anything can happen, that's me being calm.  As for courageous, I'm not always the most confident woman in the world when I toe a start line, and I know very well that of the 22 women in the race many of them are in my same boat-wanting Kona points, dearly.

Philippines 70.3 was a very good little boost to the confidence though, it helps having a hit out race before a big race.  It teaches you things, like the goof up I made on the swim, now not to repeat it at the next race.  It reminds you to have your equipment in top shape, like my bike.  SO today I got it fixed entirely, now the breaks are far and wide open.  It also shows you that you are better than you believe.  Like that run, it was 3 years since I last broke a 1:30 and Philippines is a very legit course, so I have to carry that with me and let go of all those sour runs that I racked up for a while-like the time I ran off course!

My last day in Philippines, yesterday, was so much fun.  I took a little of that green prize money right into town and got some more goodies for the street kids.  It made me so happy, mostly because so many people have helped me and now I got to taste how wonderful it feels to be on the giving end, not just receiving end.   Of course one of those bike taxi guys had to pester the white girl walking down the street, about a million times.  Finally I stopped, told him fine, but I am pedaling! He got a kick out of it, I about $h!t my pants!  No breaks and I was driving on the wrong side of the road!  No traffic would stop for us, it was pretty awesome!  And those bikes really should be all over the island of Hawaii!  It would be my side job for sure. One final swim with those amazing blue star fish and a good bunch of laughs with the local Manila boys.  They are really into the Filipino Pose down, whatever that is, I think it means flex your muscles, so I of course played along when they asked me to join.  By the way, it took another 22 hours home...the computers in Cebu were broken, little delay, another delay.  Then I did the island hop:  Oahu, Maui, Kona!  It might just be a shorter trip to Canada than Philippines after all...

This morning I was instantly "Mom on a mission"  School began and my job was making sure to have the 2nd grader and the 9th grader to school on time.  Both schools at opposite ends of town and both boys still in Summer mode (insert: drag out of bed, force feed breakfast).   We made it by 4 minutes!  Then off to a 2.4 mile swim, so happy to be in warm water for another week before the wetsuit takes over my body.  Of course tending to the bike was a priority and the Odin, the chiro to undo the flight damage of squishing my body into a ball for many hours.  And of course the fun part to follow any trip-laundry!

The best was the 20 minutes of wandering through the farmers market to get a week of fruits and veggies before jetting off to get the boys from school.  And gosh darn, strike one, I was 15 minutes late to the high school!  Its only day 1 of the new school year for me, I am certain to get better at finding a routine and managing time driving for 2 boys and swimbikerun.  When all is said and done though, its my favorite life imaginable.  To be here writing while the boys do homework, having the 9th grader help the 2nd grader and me having to help with 9th grade Geometry while also tackling dinner, its a pretty sweet life...full...but sweet.

...and then this.  To come home to my mirror strung with new notes.  It is forever encouraging.  A week away from another race, August is busy around here for us, but we got it.  And after August I hope to come home with the points need to race Kona.  Then I can stay put for a couple months and focus on whats to come in my very own backyard...while of course, getting boys to and from school on time.  Thank you again for all the continued support, its so special to me and in many ways, keeps me going...

Have a good Wednesday! 


Blogger Tina Marie Parker said...

Congrads & simply amazing.

August 8, 2013 at 8:09 AM

Blogger Pusterla Josianne said...

Bree, you definitely can do it! I hope you come to Tremblant early enough to see the course and if I have one suggestion, do the Lake superior bike section to get familiar with it. Also, run the first 5 km of the run course. Enjoy your stay in Tremblant, it's lovely.

August 9, 2013 at 4:10 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

I'm so pleased to see you happy.
I can't believe you asked the rickshaw driver to ride his bike I bet that never happened to him before :-)

You should have come to Switzerland to race as IM Zurich was hotter than Kona this year! You would have loved the course (beautiful) and the weather -94o.F +!
Enjoy your time at home and recharge your batteries full of hugs and affection from your boys.

August 11, 2013 at 5:36 AM


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