Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maturing in sport...

Look!  It is the Vegas bike course, photo courtesy of Inside Triathlon.  Once again it appears that I am setting off to another place that looks like nowhere I have ever been.  I hear Vegas is over the top, all sorts of extremes that find a way to entertain you, because they are so extreme.  Looks pretty to me.  Today's bike ride, all 45 minutes of it, was better than Sundays bike ride, slowly the legs are coming around and even my brain is getting a little recharge.  This race has me particularly eager for a start & finish line, might have something to do with growing up a little as a triathlete...

You know how kids just dive into things?  Until they get hurt, emotionally or physically, they most times are fearless.  I believe that has to be my approach for Vegas.  To ignore completely the start list of women that have physically kicked my @$$ and to blindly parade right past the emotional roller coaster of highs and lows in sport that has lead me to this coming start line.  I keep thinking about Ironman Mont Tremblant, not in a pitty party kind of way, but a really mature kind of way.  To me it was a huge lack of physical performance, and for no other reason can I be upset.  Of all my races, in all my life, it was the most mature battle of all.  The one where I was able to honestly pull more from the lessons than the let downs.  And perhaps that did not land me my Kona slot, but if I keep pressing forward I've got to believe it will land me better in future races.  So to Vegas, I am taking just me.  Not the emotional or physical garbage of previous races, only the lessons...

With just 3 weeks between the Ironman and Vegas I am literally trying all the "recovery" boosting foods I can get my hands on.  Truth is, I like food, love to cook & bake, it's kind of adventurous to me.  This mornings adventure was my "grown up girls" cereal. Move over Lucky Charms (my personal favorite growing up).  This is my papaya & bee pollen with chia seed balls broken over it.  Don't bother asking for a recipe, you know me, I just do it.  Somehow make sure you have chia, papaya, and bee pollen in the bowl and you can accelerate your fatigue recovery!

I think the best part of maturing in sport is being able to run through emotional lows quicker.  My first few disappointing races crushed me, broke me, and made me feel foolish.  Now I just get humbled and get over it.  It has nothing to do with caring less, in fact it has way more to do with caring even more.  Less energy wasted on the past and more energy directed on moving forward.  Kind of like picking up the pieces rather than leaving them there to stare at the broken mess.  I learned something else really special, you can never stop counting the successes, mini or major.  That said, no longer am I super bummed about this October.  Maybe a small part of me is even proud of myself.  We are only approaching month 9 of the year and I began my first 4 months dealing with a broken foot, with 5 months of being healthy we got pretty close.

 ..and so, Vegas next week, Na Wahine the following weekend (more on that later), then a for real break.  Just a mini one though.  I want to finish the year with an Ironman (I already told you that), then have a proper recovery season and planning period for 2014...

As any maturing kid will tell you, make a big pile of all the rocks (lessons you have learned) and stack them up big and tall.  When you step back and take a look the bigger picture you will find a nice reminder of how far you have come...

Finally, I have officially packed my shoes for Vegas!  Count this girl ready...
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Blogger ONEHOURIRONMAN said...

I think Vegas is custom made for you. Hot and rolling hills. Louisville comes to mind on this one but with desert terrain vs. wooded.

And now a little story from the old man...

I hopped on a plane in Tampa 6 years ago. I was stepping up to the plate to do Ironman in '08 and had IM fever. A young lady getting on the same plane was carrying a plaque and it was obviously from the 70.3 Championship that was held that weekend in Clearwater. I said, "oh, looks like you did pretty good this weekend, what place?" She said 4th. I said "what age group?" She said "overall". I didn't recognize the up and comer at that time.. but we all know her as Julie Dibens.

Greg Welch knows who you are and so does the rest of the IM community and I believe on Ironman Live we will be hearing him talk about the young Kona woman who found her race, her conditions and didn't really surprise the field of pros that knows her.

August 29, 2013 at 3:28 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Onehourironman I love that story about Julie Dibens :-)
I think LV will be like Kona without the sea, so a great chance you will feel at home and win the whole thing.
You made me think about my reactions towards my performances. If I were to stack up all of my lessons/ stack would be so high.
Get the most out of your experience out there Bree.

August 29, 2013 at 9:59 AM

Blogger Kathy said...

Viva La Vegas (but your race schedule is making my head spin. :)) hope to see you down here in Mexico!

that last picture is a hoot!

August 29, 2013 at 12:07 PM

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