Monday, September 30, 2013

Cool With Ironman Hawaii...

So far I am passing (with flying colors I might add) that little test, "Am I truly cool with Ironman?" You know when you give 100%, then try again even when you took all your trys, that kind of effort.  Well, it's true, when you give like that you really can be cool with the outcome, even when it's not the outcome you were after.  How do I know?  First of all, the start list was posted and I didn't cry when my name wasn't on it.  Then the island started to bring in all the fully shaved, very fit people with bikes more expensive than my truck and I felt excited for them.  All prices went up at the farmers markets (those ladies are smart to know triathletes will still pay highway robbery prices for food from a tree).  Our local swim team now has Ironman Champs leading the lanes and I'm truly loving it despite having sometimes 9 in a lane!  And the ZOOT team has sent us the race week schedule, it excites me to be around the chaos of an expo rather than hide out like the girl missing out.  That's mostly how I know....

It helps having the yogi sister to keep me focused too.  So maybe I'm not in this Ironman but I'll be racing an Ironman December 1st.  Focus on that.  That's a little tip for you if you need one, change your focus when your outcome changes.  That said, training has been really fun.  It feels refreshing to keep focusing on a goal and being totally cool with goals changing...

I've been training around other parts of the island lately, plenty of newer views, some markets on the other side of the island where food prices are still normal, and of course being able to run into a certain fire recruit.  Want me to tell you what else I've been noticing, how love really does come in different ways.  So I'll be honest, I grew up with too many Cinderella kind of stories, where you get dressed up in pretty dresses and fancy shoes, taken on some date in a pumpkin pulled by horses or whatever.  Well, it can look really different, better.  Mine happened after a 10 mile run.  There was a voice mail telling me that he knows I'd be done around 9:30 because of what time I started, and knowing my pace.  That is love, to know your woman's run pace for a 10 miler.  Girls, it gave me butterflies, like the kind I wanted to get on the phone and call you about with ooohs and ahhhhs, "He knows my run paces!!"  haha...

With my Ironman about 9 weeks away I'm still in the easy miles n' volume phase.  It's been nice to feel my body start to get back in shape after a mini-break. It also means I'm in small, little, tiny ways spending sometime doing other things I really enjoy.  Like hiking and climbing to the most beautiful places in the entire world!  It makes me happy, being in gorgeous places that take no dollars to get to have such a way of making me feel really rich.  Not to mention having time with family and friends, it sort of fills you up for the next time you have to get out on your bike all day, alone.

 Kainoa is doing good in swimming too.  He still has about 0% competitive drive, I'm cool with it, seeing him doing something for the sole purpose of passion is a good reminder that there is something totally wrong with what we do if we don't enjoy it. So he just swims and swims, for fun.

That's about it, town filling up with Ironman just around the corner, excitement all over the place, and I've seriously dehydrated about a million little stars!  They are my "food reminders" to keep on reaching for my goals, as long as I enjoy the journey that is, and right now I am loving it...



Blogger Monica said...

Still loving your blog Bree! I don't know how you do it and keep up with everything! Your pics and posts are always amazing! Loved your description of love! hahaha

October 1, 2013 at 4:32 PM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Kona krazy week is almost here and I'm trusting you to be our reporter on the ground :-) keeping us up to date with all the action, etc a bit like being on the red carpet at the Oscars! I'm glad you're ok with it and making the most of it because next year you'll be on that start line. I too will be cheering and wishing I was racing.
So funny that Mike knows your pace as my hubby has surprised me many a long run in the local park (already dark) with a jacket and to walk me home as I was nearing the end.

October 2, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Blogger Michelle Simmons said...

I threw my name in the hat for Cozumel too! It feels good to have another goal on the horizon. See you there! :)

October 5, 2013 at 2:51 PM

Blogger Ange said...

I don't live in Kona, so it's not all around me like it is you, but I have friends there and it is all over Facebook of course. I feel like I should be there too. Missed out on it by a hair... by a bike malfunction? Or, was it my run? Or, just not meant to be this time? Regardless... I'm racing IM Coz too!! :) SO... like you, my focus is there and 2014. Hope to say hello down in Mexico. Will certainly try to pull some of your power with me as you run by going so fast like you do!!

October 7, 2013 at 7:09 AM


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