Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Don't Wait To Be Happy...

Life, the one I am used to (and like a lot) is back in full force.  You know, car load of boys, youth swim practices, late to school (not on purpose), and trying to find what to wear to work (better known as teaching, since most my clothes are spandex). It's going really good, a repeated quote on the good ol' Hawaiian radio station, "Don't Wait to be Happy", has been a driving force for this week.  Why wait?!   I know, seriously, that has been me plenty of times, thinking it's gonna get easier or happier,   "When I get into Kona, when bills are paid, when Kainoa stops complaining about homework, when I'm married, when...when...when".  Pfffff...not even the case.  And so, this has been a really, really good week despite being late to parent pick up, the high schooler missing the bus, working, (but not in the spandex I love), and unpaid bills...

I'm just appreciating the day. 
On Monday I was teaching 3rd and enjoying it, for some reason I always think I make a good teacher, perhaps I like seeing kids catch on or maybe within the walls of a class I become more childlike and ways to teach so they understand come easy.  Not sure.  But I did peek out the window a time or ten and think about triathlon.  Then I got all sorts of guts & courage & determination.  I am happy right now and I like the very full plate that tends to mimic my life.  I can do it, we are never given more than we can handle, right?

I'm eating lots of ice cream this week.  Oh, don't be ridiculous, too much dairy makes me fart nonstop, its just frozen bananas, fresh ginger, and a bunch of guavas all put in the food processor for 30 seconds.  It whips up so perfectly and can be left in a Tupperware in the freezer for a week or so.  That's my "mom" mode on full swing...

I am taking it easy though, a "late season" mini break.  I needed it, just a small battery-recharge.  Soon I'll be working with a coach though, I do believe I have found one after too much self-coaching, and there is a good chance that I'll wrap up the season with something very fun (fun to me that is).  Till then, the plan is to just teach as much as needed in the class, save some $$ to support next seasons tri-life & family bills, and bust out my crayons for the drawing board, I am always "back to the drawing board", just never been good at giving up...

Having a little "R&R" means I've been at the gym with the men in their 70's, totally inspiring me and showing me up.  AND FINALLY took my sisters Buti Yoga class!  Oh my gosh, I do believe every mom in the world should be required to take it.  It will get you out of those ugly granny-panties, respark the "sexy" you maybe felt before saggy post-baby boobs happened, and all of a sudden you are shaking it like a girl in Vegas!  It was so much fun, I sweat more than an hour bike ride, and I'm secretly addicted.  It made me really sore though, bet it has to be an "off season" activity for how sore it makes me!  Tomorrow I plan to go again...and why not?  The funny thing that has happened is with teaching, actually making money, I feel like it's okay to do some things.  It's an odd feeling, with triathlon you always feel like you have to save your body, energy, and calories. It would such to be 80 in my rocking chair one day and say, "Sorry sis, I always meant to take your Buti Yoga class, but I was saving my body for that long run" get my point.  Breaks are gooooooood...take one!

Oh, I got this fortune cookie,  of course it reminded me of my triathlon love life.  So I penned and penciled a "2014" plan of attack.  Um, it will have a race this season though, as with all things, sometimes you just can't wait to start them.  I feel like sharing it now, but I first have to work more to save $ and chat it out with someone smarter than me when it comes to organizing a race map.  Soon.

Till then, I'm flashing back to Vegas (not the high heels and too small dresses), I just feel like racing for a good reason this race proved to me just how much I enjoy it.  The challenge, the opportunity, the way it reminded me to never give up. Alright amigos, time to get ready for swim practice...



Blogger Lucy Francis said...

"Don't wait to be happy", I love that! It also resonates with me at the moment as I'm having a total nightmare at work :-(
Frozen banana is lovely but who knew you could add ginger and guava to it. I'll definitely try it with the ginger (no fresh guava here). Don't worry Bree I'm also saving up for my 2014 tri season! It is an expensive sport and even us AG's have to watch the finances. I don't know where the media got the idea that all amateur triathletes are rich....not true. So total identify with your need to save some $$$ in my case I need to save some £££ :-) and I also play the never know!

September 22, 2013 at 4:23 AM


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