Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy and you know it...

Sooooooo, today was a good day.  Tomorrow Vegas.  Honestly, for real, it does not feel like race week-at all.  I'm packed, Kainoa is ready to head to his dads house, the bike is in the box, and I have a flight for late tomorrow night.  It still does not feel like race week.  Not entirely sure if that is good or bad.  Usually I can "feel it".  You know, the magic of a start line and butterflies parading.  Either excited or freaking out.  At the moment its more of a numb feeling. Maybe it has to do with totally pulling this race off by the seat of my pants, one that was never on the map for me this season, yet here I go because it became possible.

I am looking forward to Vegas, I want to race, I feel weird.  My body is kind of feeling recovered after Ironman, but I feel lazy, had to get lazy to actually recover.  I'm happy about this upcoming start line, super happy to be honest, because I am one to get riled up over an opportunity I never saw coming. But for real, this is a "prerace feeling" so brand new to me.  To just toss in a race is something I've done before, but a big deal race, like a championship race, is really extraordinary.  Maybe it will be a good thing since I never saw the pressure face to face, like every race I throw my heart over the line for.  And who knows, all this getting lazy could pay off...

Since I'm no genius at trying to recover from an Ironman and minor travel-exhaustion from plenty of racing across the time zones, It occured to me that the best solution for keeping weekend training meaningful I should sleep in.  SO each morning over the holiday weekend I slept in, then found the best possible company a girl could find, such as "Mike on a bike".  Mentally I needed a non-triathlete kind of training partner, one to keep me enjoying the miles for the simplicity of just riding. Or running.  Or swimming.  Passion is there.  I am loving sport and that is enough encouragement to remind me that the weekend in Vegas will be worthwhile.

Plenty of good songs in my heart, a lot of sunscreen, my favorite run shoes packed, and of course another day on this journey that has me feeling very, very alive...

Next Stop, Vegas.  See ya there!


Blogger ltlindian said...

we'll be watching and cheering for you again bree! good luck!!

September 4, 2013 at 2:28 AM


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