Friday, October 11, 2013

Ironman Eve...

It's the night before Ironman and butterflies are in my belly, I'm not even racing!  I'm still really excited though.  It's a really big day tomorrow for a lot of people, for that I'm excited.  My plan is to watch the race, "from the inside out".  Take a few notes, cheer pretty loud, and gather up all the motivation to use throughout the next 7 weeks...when it's my turn.

So what's been going on during this girls "night before the Ironman?".  Swim practice, 120k ride with a bunch of very talented women who also missed Kona by a tiny bit, mow the lawn, a trash run, babysit my nephew, a trip to the expo, get my new bike (scoops later), water the garden, buy a new pan since I burned the other one right off the stove, make dinner, and now...prepare to watch the Ironman tomorrow and chalk the crap out of Queen K with messages to my friends racing.  Basically, it was a normal day.  Hope and pray next year includes bike check in (wink, wink)...

Yesterday was the the underpants run, it was my first time not running in underpants.  Zoot team had some incredibly 80's swim bikini's for us, I LOVE them, so much.  The UPR was a big success as usual, nearly naked people causing a lot of laughter!  I always snap photos galore but never know if it's cool to post them, what is often seen I'm afraid to get busted for, so I stole just one for you from my friends camera...

Zoot has been totally keeping up with it's 30 year anniversary, in fact, it has made this girl unbelievably happy with the fun training gear it has launched this expo!  I mean, I love it, like really love it!  The brighter the better if you ask me!  Thank you Zoot for making it extra sunny on the island.  Well, that's pretty much all I have to report on.  Life has been very normal other than the thousands of extra people in town.  Tomorrow I'll do a better job of snappy photos and getting in on the action...
Good luck to all the Ironman athletes tomorrow, make it a great day and be proud of yourself, you made it to the big dance and are going to cross the finish line in Hawaii, it's the best one!!



Blogger Lucy Francis said...

By now the race has been and gone, and what a race that was! It made our Saturday night + I kept getting up in the middle of the night to get updates. Let's hope we're both in next year :-) can't wait to read your report. What's your take on the women?

October 14, 2013 at 2:26 AM

Blogger mark provenzano said...

Bree, Although IMWI is no Kona I know the electricity the athletes bring when they come into town. Nothing like a hometown Ironman! I see my coach and IMWI 2013 winner made it into your ride :)

October 16, 2013 at 4:53 AM


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