Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Is it Nap Time Yet?

I've officially survived my first nap in a very, very, long time.  It felt so wonderful, even slept through the alarm waking me up for swim practice.  But I made it.  Then worked my bumper off chasing kids half my age across a pool and back, repeat.  That pretty much sums of the last couple weeks.  I'm trying not to slack at all, at anything.  Even if I don't like it, I do it, find a way and just get it done as best as I can.  Then I fall asleep, really good at night...

The rides have taken me through some pretty windy days that test my patience.  Some hot days that force better nutrition management.  And through some easy days that just make me so thankful that THIS is what I get to do, most days of my life.  Training has me really happy lately, 3 weeks out from a race is probably good timing to feel some passion raging.

Zoot sent me new run shoes so my feet feel happy too.  Again and again I'm counting my blessings with the support I have.  The past week or so has landed me running long, running hills, running beaches, treadmills, and with a dog...

Our family decided to rescue a dog and it has been the best addition we could have imagined!  In 2004 I asked for a dog, got a cat.  In 2006 asked for a dog, got Kainoa.  In 2011 asked for a dog, got Masuda.  In 2013 the boys asked for dog, I got a dog (we got a dog).  He's house broke, thankfully.  But he has yet to learn his name, how to sit, how to shake, and not to jump out of the back of the truck.  He's making progress though.   One thing this dog can do, is run!  Brian (that's his name) made 45 minutes of beachy trail run with me so far.  It was incredible, I've always had visions of running with a dog and now it's for real.  He stayed right next to me the entire time.  Now I can finally join the other cool girls that run the beach in bikinis with a dog (I think Brian is faster though).

That's pretty much it in the way of swim, bike, run.  Been doing a lot of it, seeing progress, and getting excited for my final Ironman of 2013.  As for food, I have 2-must shares.  Beets and banana smoothies.  No joke my friends.  I was searching for a way to eat beets more decided they go really good at breakfast, with frozen bananas and a handful of blueberries with vanilla almond milk.  I've also gotten excited about oatmeal again (it got so boring for a while).  At night, I put it in a jar, throw whatever fruit, seeds, nuts, we have in the fridge on top, then shake it up with some milk and leave it over night.  In the morning it's the cold cereal not from a box.


I've also landed the jack pot!  Not exactly the lottery, but a purple lilikoi found on my bike ride. These are pretty rare on the island and so much sweeter than the yellow ones, I loved it so much I forgot to even share it.  I'm pretty sure this is natures gift to me for riding my bike that day...

In motherhood, Kainoa got his 2nd grade school picture, the pins out of his arm, and a pretty new red cast on his arm.  My mom has kindly reminded me to really be in the moment with him because one day I'm going to turn around and he will be in high school, too busy for me.  She's right, I was at the beach more than with her when I was in high school and he has already grown so much the baby days are just memories now.  I think that's part of the reason that I am enjoying subbing lately, working at his school let's me see him even more...

That's it.  Thanks for reading and keeping up with this triathlon journey.  2 more triathlons to go this season. Have a good night!



Blogger Tina Marie Parker said...

Thank you for continuing to blog. I enjoy reading it when it gets updated. It reminds me just to keep going. I am back up on the mileage for me on the bike. Running still adjusting. I lost a lot of weight and now everything feels different. I am trying to pay attention to it. Swimming is what I do best, but need to work on speed. Working on hanging some pics in my new office for motivation. You will be one, as Mecca, and three pics from world's championship. I will be volunteering in AZ to get in for 2014.

November 7, 2013 at 6:43 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

I love your dog but I must warn you that I'm a cat person.
I assume that lilikoi is what we call passion fruit over here :-)
It's so funny, I've been following your blog close to 3 years and in that time i've seen Kainoa grow up by just looking at the pictures. Isn't that amazing?

November 7, 2013 at 11:23 AM


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