Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lavaman to Ironman...

It only seems fitting that I go from Lavaman today to Ironman next Sunday, because that's the way triathlon all started for me in the first place.   Today's race was the perfect "welcome back to racing" after the minor mental & physical fatigue that saw me hit the pillow pretty good after Ironman Mont Tremblant.  Kainoa gave me the pre race pep talk, "Have fun mom, go hard, don't get in the ambulance, I'll wait even if you're last".  And then it was time to race...

The race went just like this...
A beautiful swim in the Keahou Bay, I'm talking gorgeous.  Things started out wonderful, the "dream draft" if you will.  Then, about 800 yards in, I lost it.  You know how that goes, let go and the pack is gone.  I took feet that felt strong but we were here, there, and everywhere. Like a rag doll in the Pacific I went all over the place and the swim opportunity slipped away, totally my fault, as I saw the chance to bridge a gap but I "just swam". 

The high light of this Olympic distance triathlon was having an actual Olympian to chase all morning!  Kiyomi Niwata of Japan put a nice dent on me in the swim, I caught her on the bike and knew very well that my only hope was to put in time before T2 where her super weapon, the run, would be unleashed. Oh I rode like a crazy girl on a mission, snot flying everywhere.  It hurt, I'll be honest, those hills down South Ali'i were no joke, but I felt strong on the bike and safe to go hard.  The run would have to be a little smarter...

Ran out of T2 with a small lead that was chewed up and spit out all by the end of mile 1!  I wasn't standing still but it sure felt like it when Kiyomi passed me.  The plan was go for 3 miles pretty strong and if we are together stay with her and work till the finish, if not, turn it off at mile 3 and cruise it in to save for next Sunday.  Mile 3 came, no Kiyomi in sight, a quick glance back and no sign of the 3rd place girl, so I cruised  the final 3 miles hoping it saved my legs for the marathon and wrapping up 2nd...

The run reminded me how much I love racing, how thankful I am for the days I get to enjoy sport like I do, and of how much I enjoy being around the other athletes.  Laughing, cheering, just celebrating in each others accomplishments (big or small) really had me happy about how something as simple as a sport can bring so many people together to share a day.  Um...not to say that it is all smiles out there.  Olympic distance hurt after all the longer, slower days that make up Ironman training and a few times I wanted to cuss.

As with all races, not possible without the incredible support crew that make up volunteers, family, race staff, and medical people spread throughout the course.  THANK YOU GUYS, to Gerry Rott and the Lavaman family, truly well done...and yes, you may have created the most challenging course of any Olympic Distance I've ever done, but man the views made it worth it.

To the 3x Olympian, Kiyomi, what an honor to race with you.  Thank you for showing up on the Big Island to woo us all with your talent and make us Island girls have to work that much harder.  Humbled, oh yes.  Good luck on your jump to the 70.3 distances.
Finally, thank you to the incredible support that my family and friends give me day in and day out for the big and little things in life, like a race.  It makes it so much more fun sharing the experiences.  And Kainoa, you are a super trooper at these races with the big smile on your face at 4:45 wake up, sure wish you could be in Mexico with me next Sunday.  To the great people that take a place in my life beyond just being on a suit, Bike Works, Splish, Zoot, Breakthrough Nutrition, Rolf, Coach Cotter, Kona Aquatics, Junko, Odin Willmont Chiro, I really like you guys :)

Time to call it a day, night!


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

I love your colourfull 2 piece, a bit of an homeage to 1980's triathlon and Paula Newby Fraser :-) you gave kiwami nwata a run for her money. It's great to see you mixing up the distances :-)

November 25, 2013 at 3:31 AM

Blogger Kailin Acheson said...

Congrats! Had to look up the results because my dad was racing. You did great! Now you can go dominate in Mexico :)

November 25, 2013 at 12:52 PM

Blogger Vibe Israel said...

Great job! Congrats!
I've also been trying to send you a message through your contact, but it doesn't seem to work... here's what i'm trying to send:
Hi Bree,
I've been trying to get a hold of you for some time... I wanted to invite you to Israel for a blogging trip around the ISRAMAN (ironman) competition. I have lots of info to send you about us ( the project ( and the venue. You will not be required to participate, but mainly watch and tour the country and then if you like what you see, you can write about it on your blog :-)
Can you please send me your e-mail?


November 26, 2013 at 9:01 AM

OpenID saucycatfollowme said...

Good Luck Bree!!!

November 26, 2013 at 1:06 PM


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