Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rest Up, Darling...

...And so it begins, taper.  The rest n' relax heading into Ironman Cozumel has begun.  This time next week I'll be preparing for a red eye departure from one island to another.  Yesterday was spent teaching 7th grade Math, it was way more challenging than I remember and beyond words more difficult than swim split calculations.  Did my best to keep the feet up,  that absolutely did not happen, lap after lap around the class it was...

Today was so much more my style:  Swim, bike, and run in a single day, with a rare power nap.  I'm absolutely looking forward to getting back to Cozumel.  I've traded the "poor me, gonna miss my family" for "rest up Darling, there is hard work on the horizon".  Not to say I'm not feeling the effects of a Thanksgiving away with all the grocery stores stocking piles of fixin's for a feast on display, but I'm handling pretty darn good.

 Before you totally harass a girl about putting up Christmas lights, let me explain-I really wanted to.  I did the thing that drives Masuda crazy, lights before Thanksgiving.  Patience has yet to be my strong point and the adrenaline that comes with excitement set me in motion, sent me straight to the roof.  Just a strand.  One.  After Mexico I want to do it up National Lampoon style.  I do believe a little softening of Masudas heart has happened though, he bought me a Christmas wreathe.  Okay, let's cut to the chase...the butterflies are parading already.  Dear God, please let it mean I'm just really excited.

As much as I love racing, all of it, I still struggle with the unknown of "between start line and finish line", I think that's the part out of control.  One thing I am learning though, is to truly trust your training.  It sort of takes care of everything you can control.  This block of training has been the most I have ever followed numbers and data.  Seeing a repeated split, pace, or number really does reconfirm that hitting a mark is no accident.  It happens repeatedly because I work for it repeatedly.  A new, beautiful lesson.

The absolute best part of all of this, is them.  The other night I tried really hard to make a wish on a star, it's my favorite, and I couldn't even think of one. Things are going good on the home front, I do believe 2014 is going to hold a few promising sponsors, and everyone in my family is really healthy, (other than Kainoa's broken arm), so those wishing on stars don't belong to me at the moment.  Oh, but I do want them to fall into place December 1st...

I've got my last "longish" run tomorrow, those have become my favorites even more than I already loved them.  Masuda put plenty of new songs on the 'ol IPOD and it's given fresh life to the same run routes.  A few songs are about as mushy as I've ever heard, but I love them.  In fact, the fairytale, love struck, romantic in me can officially outrun Cinderella when hearing them.  And...a race.  Sunday is Keahou Lavaman, a local olympic distance complete with training partner bragging rights.  I'm doing it.  A week before an Ironman there is a part of me that has to keep that passion for racing ignited, so a hometown tune-up it will be.  And there is prize $$ on the line.  A girl has to pay bills, right?!  The coconut wireless has announced that an ITU superstar from Japan is on our start list, with 3 Olympic games to her name it should be a good day for me to practice butterfly calming before Mexico. 

...and our white pineapple is blooming, finally.  The last 4 I picked when they were barely the size of my fist.  This one is going to be my patience practice.  No picking till it's good and ready...

Good night from Kona,


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

We only put up our xmas decorations on the 1st Dec! But then we don't have thanks giving :-) I'd love to do Conzumel one day, it would surely make my winter feel shorter. You will have a great race Bree, it sounds like your training has gone without hicups. Lucy Francis

November 19, 2013 at 10:23 PM

Blogger Tina Marie Parker said...

You Rock, just incase noone has told you lately.

I have two friends racing Cozumel. It will be their first Ironman. Kristin Jenson and Wendy Maciariello both from San Diego. I wish all of you a great race day!

November 20, 2013 at 6:28 AM

OpenID bre said...

You will rock Cozumel- don't think about the other girls, just think about your race and what you have to do to have your best race. Their titles are what they have accomplished in the past and everyone starts on the same line. :) Be awesome!

I love reading your posts- they always make me feel so calm about my own life- thank you for sharing!

November 25, 2013 at 5:19 AM


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