Monday, November 11, 2013

Smile. Just smile...

Every morning for almost a month my little sister has been sending me a text, "Smile".  It's really simple, really short. But so powerful.  Life is good and I've endured enough in it to appreciate it all, yet I forget and have been too forgetful, so no matter the day, by 6am she has written just that word to start my day.  My recent sadness has been Thanksgiving.  I'll be on a different island, Cozumel.  When planning up this race I only focused on the race day, December 1st, never crossing my mind it would mean tacos without them to land in Mexico prerace.  Oh but I'm a big girl and this is my job, I know, but I still care.

And I've been spectacular at just focusing on the training too, maybe because I have a coach now and he writes what to do, I just wake up and do it.  But then the other emotion humans have, or maybe just girls, or maybe just me, took over.  Anxiety.  It sort of wiped me out the other day.  Having not raced in a couple months now, being able to just train and teach so carefree, that dreaded feeling of risk and need for a payday has not lingered. Doing what I absolutely love without those emotions has been so nice, but then I remembered that what happens between the start and finish line determine so much, it took my breath away abruptly.  Like every sunset though, the feelings faded away with the day and I woke up to my sisters reminder to smile...again.

Back to training, it has been so incredible.  It feels ridiculous (in the very good way) to stay put for such a chunk of time and just train without those long flights, race, long flight, race, repeat, that feels like the rest of the season.  I love it so much.  And it has me excited to get on a plane to be honest, other than the timing be at Thanksgiving that is...

So I've been writing down the workout, doing it, and landing proud of myself, a very needed emotion for a girl that has been needing reminders to smile.  (Sorry for the incredible honesty that sounds like whining).

I have a new tool too.  You know, every now and then we have to mix life (or sport) up.  It helps freshen the mind and body. SO I am using one of those little Garmin foot thingys now.  It has baffled me that I can run sub 3 marathons but have yet to even crack a 3:15 off the bike.  After paying a little attention, it has a lot to do with my massive stride length.  Coach had me put this thing on my shoe and the first few days with it I was about 65, yeah, I know, I turn my run pace over at 65 steps a minute or something silly.  I had a break through the other day on a 30 minute run off the bike, it was all above 80 for the first time ever!!  I even made an 88 at one point!  It had me really happy to see I can pick up my feet a little and not take such big strides so slowly.

My other break through, which I have done one other time this season, was a big swim.  Our swim squad rarely cracks 3300 yards a workout, so I did what a pro triathlete should do and swam more, I made 5 miles in a day.  It was a very happy moment that landed even our new dog amazed...

For fun I have been reading the sugar packets.  Truthfully, I close my eyes and pick one, call it my fortune.  This is the most recent and it is so fitting for this girl. I do indeed love my work and I will indeed never give up on love.

The best ride of this training block happened this weekend too.  To Pololuu Valley and back.  I'm pretty sure anyone losing the motivation for a long ride (or run) needs to turn the workout into a designation ride. It fills you with such a beautiful feeling to ride to a place you love that riding all the way back home is actually more pleasant that dreadful.  Oh I loved it.  Landing home to eggs made for me helped too...

And this was the best morning of the past week of training. A rainbow barely peeked through the clouds, but it did peek enough to remind me that I am doing exactly what I should be doing.  Those reminders certainly bring meaning to life.

 Good billboards help the miles too...

Well folks, it is a holiday, "Happy Veterans Day" by the way, so the boys are off school.  They have been building fort-like beds but are now ready to go check out the beach action.  So we are off to a much sandy place than home.  Have a good day and smile,


Blogger Kathy said...

no holiday here until Constitution day (nov 18th i think).

you are more than welcome to join us for turkey day. my kids will be in school but the expat community here always has a bit potluck that day and we save stuff for the kids for when they get home from school. we might even take them out early that day.

i will also have family (2 sisters) on teh island that day and i'm sure they'd be happy to have you for dinner also. So you have 2 enormous family invites - either here on teh mainland or over there in Cozumel if you're interested.

not the same as your own family though...

November 12, 2013 at 11:40 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Bree sorry for not popping in earlier to comment, have been having some turmoil of my own :-( anyway...Just wanted to let you know that everyone has those emotions just before the race and perhaps for different reasons. From the PROS to even the slowest AG's. That mixture of anxiety/excitement gets me every time, the endless butterflies...but you know they are what fire up our engines physically and mentally :-) Those garmins are great, I love the post training analysis towards the end of my week. In my case I need to increase my swim stroke rate :-)

November 15, 2013 at 10:26 AM


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