Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 1

...the sun is setting on DAY 1 of "training".  Well, it counts as training because I am being guided again on what I should do in my sport life.  It feels very good, very relaxed, very easy, except it takes away my time watching cartoons and cereal in the morning.  It's starting simple, as in get moving again and leave any sort of number devices at home.  During my break I managed to put on 6 of the 8 pounds we were aiming for (remember it's good to do that, rebuild, build immune system, pig out, ect).  I wasn't crazy about it but I like fruitcake enough to trust the plan. Standing in a bikini before ocean swim today we had some laughs, but the best was Keish, maybe the most talented guy on the block, who took his off season after Ironman Arizona very serious and packed on 20 pounds! He is one of the fittest guys I know, however I could not stop laughing to myself,  maybe that's why he can do back to back Ironmans all year and have them all strong results without getting sick or injured!

So there we were, all confident enough to trust that the new found softness will eventually transform into something useful come 2014 race season.  The too-tight bikini however was a little frustrating, but that's life on an island and I can handle...

What exactly was Day #1 training?  It included an ocean swim.  The dolphins were my company, they kept me peeking under water (as to not go too fast), they had me thankful to be out "exercising" again, and of course they have me motivated to return tomorrow and do it all again...

Then I had a short, easy run.  That meant Bryan (our family dog) could be my company.  He is amazing at anything 6 miles or less.  My secret dream of running with a dog is such a gorgeous reality now.  He runs right next to me, no leash, and keeps up.  We ran right into sunset...

All new beginnings (like 2014 training) should start out as "dream like" as possible if you ask me.  So we ran to my favorite run spot, took off the shoes for the last mile, and enjoyed it so much that we decided not to return to our normal lives till the sun sank into the ocean...

I gotta confess, back to training has begun but I did eat one more bite of fruitcake that was hidden in the freezer.  Just one.  Now it will probably sit there till next year because I'm the only one that likes it at home. Tomorrow morning I'll go to the market and get real food...

Here we go, back into the swing of sport.  Night.


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Bree if you like fruit cake you'd probably like our christmas pudding mixed with some vanilla ice cream :-) You still look very slender to me.
Training gives me structure to me personal time. I'm so used to have my training plan stuck on the fridge door that when there isn't one I feel lost :-) a training plan and a goal are so important for motivation.

December 21, 2013 at 5:51 AM


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