Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sea to Sunset...

Talk about one gorgeous lake!  Okay, so it's kind of ugly in the picture, but isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder??  We hiked in 37* to that lake on top of a sleepy old volcano, Mauna Kea.  It is the start of one amazing Winter.  Fun clothes, shivering lips and teeth, cuddles, and snot running from your nose, WINTER!  Well, Winter in Hawaii anyways...and if we had rain, we would have had snow!  My fingers are crossed for a white Christmas, I really want snow on the 25th...

One of my bff's from high school flew over from the North Shore last night, we woke up to lolly gag, freeze, get dizzy in the elevation, and bundle like the rest of the US is having to do right now.  We totally fit into Winter...  My training plan for the week arrived too: 

"Walk away from triathlon this off season.  No talking of races, training, or looking at tri websites.  Just clear your mind.  You can do 3 light swims this week, bike only to get coffee or treats, and no runs, just walks with family and the dog."

It is so lovely to wake up and make breakfast that I'm not eating in the car on the way to practice, but in a chair on the lanai. Today is a full week since the Ironman and I can honestly say that the "post race blues" that more than likely happen to 90% of athletes after big events have not even tempted me like they do about 3 days later than the race.  I'm wondering if it's because I have literally walked away from sport mentally, not just physically this WinterGuilt is far from my head and heart too, usually I feel like I have to think about sport or it means I don't care or I'm not a good athlete if I am not brainstorming or day dreaming about finish lines and goal times.  But this time, this Winter, it feels nice to "be in the moment, the snowy, cold, holiday season". 

Back to our Volcano top...
It was the perfect hike, short and sweet.  It held the gorgeous sunset that always takes all my attention and it made me realize, again, that I love the life I get to live.  There are few places I'd rather be than a mountain top, it's like getting presents and gifts around every corner with all the changing views.  Today even held my favorite, rainbows...

  Oh, I did do one of my 3 swims for the week too, no swim cap, just goggles so I could see the fish.

 I think yesterday counted as one of the 3 swims too, a surf...

The only thing that I am slowly starting to get over is the eating habits.  I'm not really one to put a lot of attention on my booty, belly, and jiggles here and there.  But I know it all counts for good health and fast races.  That said, coach gave me a little "ease up" on the usual attempt to eat right.  8 pounds is fine to tip the scale this Winter.  And so... I have been above and beyond ridiculous.  At first, it was all sorts of fun.  Fruit cakes, french fries, chicken wings, cheese burgers (and I don't even like cheese), chex mix, green and red m&m's, you know, everything and anything that happens to fill bowls in waiting rooms, friends homes, and your kids plates.  But today, it just felt and tasted like a cardboard box and my teeth felt dirty from sugar coated ingredients that I am not even sure how to pronounce.  So...tomorrow, I think I'll go back to more papayas and things from trees. There is no scale in our home so I'm not sure how much I tipped it.  I do know that having a full week of eat all you want, when you want, and whatever you want is a great way to make you crave a salad bar and things that the bowling alley does not sell.  You should try it, honest it will make you realize that what you eat makes such a huge difference in how you feel.  I feel like a tooth ache coated in salt from tortilla chips...



Blogger Lucy Francis said...

I love how your island has a bit of everything. You must have some of the most colourful winter clothes I've ever seen :-)
Food closest to its natural state is the tastiest and you already grow it in your garden.

December 8, 2013 at 10:55 PM


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