Monday, December 30, 2013

Sporting Joy...

...January is almost here, I'm well on the way to welcoming it.  But of course I have left alone the routine, the extra vitamins, many miles, and the usual glutton for punishment to stride through some other challenges.  Buti yoga, where my goal has been to get my foot to my head, (the sister blows me away while I am struggling up a storm).  I plan to take the "stretchy, flexy" things I've learned into the new season with me.  I have also managed to crank out 3 pull ups in a row!  My goal of 5 is so close.  You know what I finally did???...

Crossfit!  Crossfit Kona is like a fast catching flu on the island, seems like everyone is doing it, trying it, loving it.  I was intimidated at first sight, not just because of my lack of pull ups, (the other girls are busting out 25 in a row, like it's candy or something).  I was scared to "bulk up".  Muscles look nice on guys, I can appreciate the hard work muscley girls do to get there, but my body I've always liked to be more "curvy" like a salsa dancer.  So I was sort of nervous it would make me loose the tiny boobs I barely have, get those neck muscles, and have man arms.  Finally, I had a suspicious feeling that the addiction would happen to me (training with a group and chasing goals is right up my alley) and I'd have to stop once season started up again.  Well... I am addicted, I've made new friends,  made goals (5 pull ups and 100 pound snatch), and love the way it feels embracing friendly competition with myself and others.  That said... I am hoping to keep some strength training in 2014 with the Crossfit Kona crew.

Sporting Joy over the holidays has been amazing.  And I needed it.  Yesterday I did Peamans 50th Birthday Biathlon (He was the one that got me from Peaman to Ironman and I felt happy to support the race).  We were winning the girls race half way through the 4 mile run till our dog stopped to poop, stopped to pea, stopped to sniff flowers.  It was incredible to truly feel that "sporting joy" without feeling like I have to win or at least go for the win.  Kainoa raced with me, it hurt the entire swim, as I have truly taken a swim break and done ZERO masters swims since before Mexico, but I love it, start line passion was parading.  I am so looking forward to getting back into routine.

Our island finally got hit with a beautiful Winter swell.  Waves for days and days.  Some days were so big beaches were closed, helicopters made a couple rescues, and camera men were in heaven gathering footage of walls of water.  I saw broken boards, endured my fair share of wipe outs, and witnessed Mike snapping a leash that left swimming after his board.  It was beautiful in every single way.  Perhaps this was the swim training that will help me most with those outrageous swim starts in Ironman!  But for the most part, it just made me feel beautiful to spend so much time in the salt water...

We managed a ridiculous Christmas picture, spent hours building legos, failed at a few "raw food" cookie recipes, and saw Santa, really.  It was a good holiday, not because of any incredible gifts received, well I did get a few good waves that morning, mostly because it was a really challenging one for our family but it once again revealed that at the end of the day all I ever want is what I already have...

What else, oh yes, kickball!  A bunch of rowdy 21 and older kids got together and had an all day (literally 10+ hours) of kickball.  It had a purpose, to raise Toys for Tots who would have nothing on Christmas.  We sure did raise some $ and toys, not to mention have a lot of fun doing it!  Once again, it was the perfect "off season" competition and sporting joy that this girls loves.  I met a lot of new people and got way out of my comfort zone, not just because we had to chug beer, (it was sponsored by the Kona Brew Pub).  I highly recommend feeling like a kid again any chance you get...

This was my birthday gift to myself...
A scoby!  One of my "bucket list" things for 2013 has been to make my own Kombucha and I finally have!  Its so yummy, so fun to make, and pretty addicting to experiment with with the creepy little things.  My family thinks its gross and weird.  Well, I think putting mayonnaise and cheese on food is weird so we are even.

One more Winter race, The Jingle Bell 5k.  It was a full on dress up (you know I love that) of any green and red you could find.  I had the honor of running with Santa to lead the keiki race.  As for the grown up race, mission accomplished, "get unfit".  It hurt so bad, to run a fast 5k after not training at all after Ironman Mexico had me thankful to be in a tutu since I was running at "parade pace".  Honestly, I was humbled to the point that I know 2014 will be so much faster.  I keep hearing these great stories of athletes in all sports that truly take an off season coming back better than ever, I'm clinging to hopes that they mean the same for girls on an island too. 

This was the view from our mountain top the other day, I borrowed the picture from a friend because I am craving a trip to the snow!  Just a little moment of chill before the holidays are over.  AS for 2014, I am so excited for the new year.  It's going to be good, I just know it. Not that I'm wishing for any year to just be over, I am just pretty sure there are some good moments on the horizon.  It won't be any easier, I already know that, but 2013 feels like it has been the year of on-going lessons, really hard ones. It has also been the year where it felt like I grew the most in a long time.  That said, I am ready to make a new 2014 bucket list and cheers away!

Have a good last couple days of 2013, check off some more goals if you can crunch em in quick!  Cheers to you guys :)



Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Happy New Year Bree, May 2014 bring many more successes surrounded by your loving family and friends.
Crossfit sounds so cool, I haven't found a place here where they do it but I surely follow their nutrition (paleo) and it's the best.

December 31, 2013 at 4:56 AM

Blogger Christi said...

Have a great year Bree! I will be cheering you on as always!

FYI, I am finally making the jump to the Full IM! I will channel your energy as I train!

January 1, 2014 at 6:05 AM


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