Sunday, February 2, 2014

More Miles.

This weekend is 4wks out from Ironman New Zealand, you know what that means.  More miles, more excitement, more focus, more butterflies.  About a month out from all my Ironmans I like to ride bike to the top of the island.  The stretch throws it all, wind, heat, rain, hills, and enough miles that me and my bike have moments of potential break downs, leaving us left with lessons and time to fix stuff before race week.  This 122 mile trip was actually a near shocking surprise in all the right directions.  The bike worked wonders.  Nutrition went well.  And I felt pretty good with the time out on the road all by myself.  If you ask me, long days like these are confidence in the bank heading into an Ironman, when it really helps to know we have stuff within our control in working order.  Anyways, the top of the island was the kind of beautiful that makes me happy and well worth the trip...

Now it's Sunday and it feels really good having had a very full week of training on the plan and tackled. I'm not sure how some of you moms feel day to day, but let me tell you, it is so important to make some goal for your life (big or small) and actually tackle it.  I know, I know, it's just so hard to find the time and energy and of course jump over that little bit of guilt or selfishness we feel.  But having made it through a big week that I was determined to make it through, some how in a strange way, I feel like a better mom.  So ladies, mommas, whatever it is you got on that "bucket list" or little to-do list, just go get it done and then raise your arms in the air and say, "Peace out beaches" and be proud of yourself.  Kind of felt cocky doing that after my 122 mile bike ride Friday, but when it was said and done, it became more of a moment I was proud of and humbled for, because to me, 122 miles on a bike sort of is a big deal and I don't want to ever get in a place where I say, "oh it was nothing".  Our goals are way bigger than nothing.  Sorry, I am rambling.  My sister motivated me and it worked so maybe this will motivate one of you...

As for my recovery day...

The snow.  A bunch of us went to Mauna Kea and played on the pretty snow covered volcano top.  It was so cold, leaving me with a mission:  Pretend it's New Zealand.  I was embracing the chill, cold face, numb fingers, and chattering teeth.  I kept saying, "get comfortable being uncomfortable". I have no idea how this will actually come into play on race day, but it certainly helped having a day off from being super hot & humid...

Back to this morning, a half marathon with a couple purposes:  Get in the Sunday run & support a good cause.  A little girl on the island lost her life to cancer and this mornings run was in her honor while raising money to prevent children in the future from having the same life ending struggle. "Run for Carmen". They gave us all these pink bracelets, I honestly was fighting tears putting mine on.  It is such a perfect reminder for me in this moment of life. 

So I ran.  It rained pretty good.  With nearly all rains in Hawaii, a rainbow follows, it was a giant double that lasted almost half my run, really making everything worth running for that much more meaningful.  Don't tell anyone, I actually cried a little around mile 9.  The run just felt so effortless (not just because coach made me run it "easyish pace" as a training day), but I was feeling so thankful for Kainoa being so healthy, for my legs that can run, and for the good people surrounding me that I've been so motivated by lately.  Of course a giant plate of egg burritos was followed by that effort, and then, time with my son...

Have a good Sunday,


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Your island never ceases to amaze me with the variety of landscape and weather conditions. I love the snow pictures but want you to know that I don't like going about my life/training in snow...far too cold for my liking and you can't ride outside,
You're not the only one dreadng the turbo. I and a lot of people do so. which is funny because i like running on a treadmill...go figure!
The weather has been very odd this year. Your fellow mainlanders have had the polar vortex and so much snow, we've had serious flooding in most of of the UK and that continues much to the dismay of most of the population. By a house ona hill, that's all I'll say!
Enjoy the training! NZ is just around the corner

February 3, 2014 at 11:01 PM


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