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This has truly been a unique build up for an Ironman, perhaps the only one even close to it would be the first Ironman, Hawaii 2007.  Family and work, then train.  My fingers are crossed that perhaps it has in some pretty way tossed out my junk miles and left me with just quality miles.  But I love junk miles. It has really made me thankful for time in run shoes, sports bras, and swim suits all over again.  Yesterday I was teaching Special Ed.  Today I was swimming in the ocean, riding outside on the most perfect sunny day, then running with such a happy heart.  It made me see my opportunity to start on a professional start line as more of a privilege than ever before.  And there is a part of me that has grown to really see that I belong part time in the class, because that is a special place that never feels "about me".  

This time next week I'll be in Taupo.  NZ is a place that has always, always been on my "wish list" of places to see.  It literally has been filling my belly with excitement to be there.  Maybe because it has taken so much work to pay for a flight to land there, maybe because I have given up many miles to make room for more important things than a dream.  And probably because I have had people help me in ways that I may never be able to repay them.  But now, being in taper mode, my mind has shifted to, "this is my job" and I'm trying to nail down the important details and get my head ready to just go be my best on a day I have worked so hard for and given so much to.

...and you know what else I learned today, there are people all over the world that would love a single moment and make wishes on stars every night, to have an experience like the one I'll be experiencing next week.  You better believe that got me holding tight to all I have worked for to make the most of it...

Okay, been a long time since posting, so let me catch up for those that take interest in this triathlon journey I'm on.  Valentine's Day, I'll begin there since it was perhaps the best one I've had in many, many years.  It was way more fancy than either of us are used to and of course at the end I realized in some small ways love is all around, like making my green tea.

Long rides are all in the bank.

I wore my boyfriend on my swim suit on the most difficult swim of my life.  A solo pool swim.  For a girl that is all about the ocean or masters with a crew of talkers, it took all my courage to complete every single lap, but I did.

Better swim days.

I've been drinking beets like nobody's business.  It is so insane hot training in Hawaii that it literally takes extra recovery time than living in cooler climates so I do the beets, they pump the good stuff though the blood and flush the junk that holds us back from being stronger the next day...

This was my best day training in the lead up to Ironman New Zealand.  I will have this day with me on March 1st for sure. A long ride, jumped off the bike and saw Mike and Sammy waiting with coconut water on their way to the surf, then ran my ass off.  They were the perfect minute of support to get through the run.  Got home to breakfast (lunch by the time I finished) waiting for me!  I could not stop smiling.  There is a part of me that has been read way too many Cinderella books growing up and thinks fairy tales work different, this day showed me (again) that sometimes love is wrapped up in spinach, coconut water, and green tea. 

Got to spend more time than ever with Kainoa in this build up for NZ. Teaching at his school lets me see him plenty, then trying to be a better mom and do things he enjoys has really helped me chill out, it is maybe the only moments I have to slow down and smell plumerias...

The holiday weekend had a night of camping, a morning of 3 girls on a single board surfing, and a tiny run in with the reef during a little ocean swim.  It was a much needed quiet time to not think about triathlon before triathlon consumes me (like it is now with taper in progress), just family and friends and sunsets...

This was (it's all gone now and too much $$ to buy again for a while) the fuel that I believe worked best this build up for NZ.  Everyone has what works, their go-to fix, this was mine hands down! I'm not vegan or paleo or anything thing fancy, I just eat food that make me feel like I can keep up with life, this was one of them...

This was the run that did me in the most of all my runs, I am so thankful to have found a coach that can challenge me, believe in me, and some how find a way to work together my determination to live life, love, and sport to the fullest.  It was 16 miles to hell and back.  Every thing hurt after this moment, I saw stars, but it was also the kind of run that has you seeing confidence...

...and this was this morning.  On the way to the ocean, my day off, not from training but teaching, I took time to enjoy the little things.  Okay, time to get Kainoa to his swim practice. It has been so nice sitting on my bumper doing nothing but writing for a few minutes!  Have a good day,


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Bree I've discovered roast beetroots but don't you find they make our pee red? It spooked me the first time it happened :-)
I actuall ythink that your part time will help you have a better race as you have more than 1 "business" going for you. NZ sounds beautiful so please take lots of pictures (as if I need to encourage you ahahah)to share with us. I hope you have a greatr race day. I know come Friday night/Saturday morning I'll be cheering you on Ironman live.

February 19, 2014 at 10:52 PM

Blogger Damaged Hearts In Motion said...

Bree, Good luck with IM NZ. I love reading your posts, funny and real you don't hold much back and I like that.

February 21, 2014 at 11:21 AM

Blogger Brigit said...

I am thankful for your blog! I check in often and especially when I need some encouragement. I am definitely not a professional athlete but a mom who strives to be a better triathlete with a balance and passion for life. I love to read about your journey. You inspire me. Good skill in NZ. We will be cheering for you from Colorado!

February 24, 2014 at 5:53 PM


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