Saturday, February 8, 2014

Roll on.

Pretty much the island looks like this (see above) everywhere you look.  It has totally helped with the training motivation.  Honestly, I could not imagine having to wake up to freezing cold and dress in a million layers to ride.  My ride started at 52* which is really cold for us, but the great thing is, by 7am its 72*. I can handle 30 or so minutes of teeth chatter before warming up and finally landing in a sauna.

The swim on the other hand is a bitter, bitter, nail biting, fist clenching torcher.  I have to count to 3 and force myself to get under the water. Whenever we have snow on the mountain or rain the ocean just gets so cold!  In fact, we have had a couple races wetsuit legal!  Thursday was an Ironman swim, I sported the wetsuit and now sport what looks like a horrifying make out session on my neck!  Hicky central and painful in appearance.  But again, all the moans and groans of freezing fade as soon as the dolphins show up.  And they showed up.


This happened too, God must have been tandem biking with me 'cause something minor could have been major.  In an attempt to not fly through an intersection where a car was about to pull out I tried to unclip and just fell over.  It was honestly more painful in embarrassment than busting my knees. A complete blonde moment, slow motion fall over and land under the bike on the side of the road. The life guards gave me a paper towel and I was back in action...

Then I went and did speed work and arms.  It was 10 rounds of 100 meter runs and 7 pulls ups.  No, I did not make 70 pulls ups without the use of a band (but that would be badass).  I am trying SO HARD to make 5 in a row, I'm up to 3 with just me and no band.  Make a little goal and make it happen, that's what I keep aiming for.  As for the 100's, I love running and they set me up for this mornings TT action.  Ironman New Zealand is on my map and having a very supportive coach, we came to an agreement that NZ would only be smart if I can land some goal times in today's TT.  Remember last year?  I felt so ready and excited about Ironman Melbourne even though it was just a few weeks after the broken foot, I went, I got last place and suffered.  We just don't want to repeat that.  So... I time trialed this morning...

The morning was:  40 mile TT on the bike then a 9 mile run TT.   I had numbers to hit, paces to aim for, and a crud ton of determination. I suppose when you really believe in your plan or what you are doing it makes it easier to find a way to make it happen. And I want to be fit for an Ironman, as I can not afford a "vacation", that's what I call races that go sour.   It was pretty amazing, one of those days that just come together nicely.  After the bike/run I sent the data to coach and he gave me a thumbs up.  Of course we have plenty of work to do still, but it feels nice that I can finally start my mission to book a flight to NZ!  A place I have never been and always wanted to race...

I rolled, ate plenty of eggs n' tortilla chips, wore compression pants, and let my butterflies finally fly!  As for New Zealand being chilly, I know, I've been warned.  My fashion sense when it comes to being warm makes no sense at all.  It just means wearing a lot of clothes at once...see...

Have a good weekend!


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

the way you describe how the sea is cold and it you have to count to 3 until you go underwater....that's the begining of my masters sessions every day...all year round.
Defintely riding in cold weather requires a lot of planning. i have a variety of layer combinations depending on temperature and i have to prepare everything the night before as it takes so long to put together.
Here we've had 40-70mph winds this weekend = I call it kona wind :-)
so glad to hear that IMNZ is GO!
Will be chearing you on. Yes New zealand seems to have changeable weather like the uk but chances are you'll get a brilliant day and of course the landscape is supposed to be gorgeous. Take arm warmers, socks and gloves in your Transition bags, stuff that you can wear early on in the day and discard later on as the day warms up. What; you'll notice in these temperate climates is how much it changes between sunrise and sundown. the sun high up in the sky (even when it's coudy) makes a hufe difference.

February 9, 2014 at 9:34 AM

Blogger teamjon said...

It sounds like you have a really good coach this year, Who is your coach.

February 12, 2014 at 9:48 AM


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