Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Going Green.

For the love of a challenge, I am doing that April Green Challenge that is going around.  April is Earth Month, Earth Day, and all that other "do gooder for the planet and body stuff".  I just wanted the challenge to add to my already full list of challenges that daily arise.  Anyways, the deal is to add a giant jar of green juiced veggies or all green smoothie to your day, everyday, for all of April. It's so easy at the moment because our kale is going off, spinach has sprung, and I'm pretty darn motivated for Ironman Texas that my day could use more green to fuel these miles...

I have a secret confession, it's a dream of mine to one day have a big, big yard to make a really giant garden. My dad & grandpa are farmers, it's in my blood.  Everyday I'm thankful for the little patches of garden that Mike has dug up for me, but one day...just maybe...I'll have a giant garden and some of those fun watering boots. 

Today's smoothie juice weirdness turned a greenish blue vomit color.  A lot of Spirulina will do that I guess.  This concoction had to be amazing because it needed to fuel a full day of life.  4:30 wake up to hit the trainer under the moon & stars, get to 3rd grade on time and teach all day.  Got a love note from a kid, bet it was because my skirt was so awesome.  From there it was homework with Kainoa, get the boys to paddling practice and leave them there, then jump in the pool with kids half my age and hold on for dear life.  It was really hard for me, honestly I wanted to barf green in the pool.  The last set was sort of a break through for me though, 6x200's on 2:30.  It was far from impossible but it was far from floating effort, if that makes sense.  Because it was at the end of such a long day for me and my brain wanted to just stop for sleep on the pool deck I had to dig deep, be serious about having only 6wks to go before Texas.  Man I love working for something...

Came home and saw all the lettuce has popped up too!  Honestly, this is a great example of how possible it is to grow anything, anywhere, no excuse about your yard size (that's what I tell myself anyways).  Sadly I did not eat any of it yet...I wanted pancakes after that day.  Not that I had them, but something similarly yummy.

Back to training...
The weekend held a pretty long day, one where only lava rocks would do for a restroom and the sun gave the most ridiculous tan lines in the world.  The company was perfect, no IPOD, actual humans to ride with and work hard with.  Lately I'm so thankful for the people in my life, just having another person to sweat with and push me, pull me, chase me, humble me.  Slowly run miles are coming back too, that means home to family egg burritos on a Sunday.  Those are forever my favorite moments in the meal time after totally getting the most out of my body.

Girls on two wheels.  Not to mention, my pick for Ironman Hawaii female winner dressed in red and white above.  A bunch of goofballs, man I love this sport.  Speaking of, three races went down over the weekend and I actually followed them.  Motivated by Corbin's great win, encouraged by others hard work paying off, and inspired to keep going on my journey to my race. Chipping away at the point collecting has really kept me focused, but man it's not easy when I need to be in the class every now and then to support my sport.  BUT...some truly amazing people have helped me and my trip to Texas is in full bloom thanks to them.  AND, a massage tomorrow after some mile repeats has been booked thanks again to them.  I pinch myself when this kind of blessing happens, it makes me want to do good to others even more, maybe that's why I really do find pleasure on the days I land in the classroom. 

In other sporty news...
Kainoa has officially told me he does not want to swim anymore on a team.  At first I was totally cool with it, no pressure, he is so young and it will always be there.  But today, when I jumped into practice after his little team was finishing up, it kind of broke my heart not seeing him get out of the pool.  Swimming was something we shared.  I have every belief he will return to it, for now he just wants everything to do with the ocean and I can't blame him.  He has taken up paddling and just loves it.  Seeing him have a passion makes it all worthwhile , I hold that passion still for triathlon, so I get it.  He really is my best gift, he reminds me to live my day to the fullest and not just drudge through it without care. So here we are, another sport added to our mix...

Oh, please try this.  It was horrible.  I mean insane pain last Friday.  Crossfit Kona has these Filthy Friday challenges that I've found help my brain.  As you know, sport is more than physical training, you have to work your brain too.  I've read dozens of sports psychology books looking for advice, secrets, help with the mental side of sport, then I got into a few days here & there with the CF crew to build a little strength and injury prevention stuff and found that my brain hurts almost as much as my body.  These challenges seem impossible, mentally break me, crush me, intimidate me, make me touch the line of failure and success, and somehow make me a better person.  This particular one had me doing a single pull up at a time, it broke my spirit, had me last girl hanging on the bar, defeated me.  But somehow you find a way, it was like the closing mile of a marathon or being alone on the swim behind a chase pack.  You want to cry and whine, but you hold on and find a way...

If you have time this weekend, get to a park with a few crazy friends and do this.  You can take as much time as you need, but get it done, start from top to bottom and chip away.  You can thank me later...
That pretty much sums it up around here.  Training, teaching, motherhood, family, little time with friends, green stuff, and working out my brain.  This spot in life is good, having a goal feel pretty close to reality and good people to share it with is more than I could ask for.  Well, I've got mile repeats tomorrow so my pillow is calling.  Night!



Blogger Lucy Francis said...

your kale loos so lush! So different form what I buy in the supermarket. Your island has the perfect weather and soil composition to make verything grow....FAST.
On my island stuff goes really quick but come winter only the hardy plants will survive.

I'm sure Kainoa's reluctance to continue swimming with the team is only the start of him discovering another sport and that sounds like Surfing - SUPERTUBES next? :-)

April 9, 2014 at 10:15 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

See you drinking your green smoothie from a Sunetric mug--my employer. Love it!

April 9, 2014 at 11:21 AM


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