Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hilo or Bust...

...And once again, I rode my bike across (er, around the Hamakua Coast line) of the island to Hilo. By far, it is my favorite ride, maybe ever.  What was once a "bucket list" item became my Friday reality several times over the past few months and it has served as a much needed long ride to practice long race nutrition plans and break of the monotony of my regular routes.  The only part that ever scares me are the gulches, mostly for trippy traffic navigation and falling rocks.  I lucked out this time, traffic control only let one lane go at a time and the nice cops gave me a 2 minute head start-that became my time trial piece and served me well!!

Other than the halfway pit stop for an egg and spam musubi, I did exactly what I plan to do at Ironman Texas.  Got the plan, worked the plan, liked the plan.  Now if they served up some fresh Hawaiian musubi around mile 56 I would be in for the ride of my life...

 As for recovery once landing in Hilo (and running around town in my Zoots at "off the bike" pace), a massive burrito.  AND a must share, green tea has become a staple in place of anything and everything that asks for milk (whatever kind, Almond, cow, soy, goat), try green tea.  Really.

Sunday's run was repeats of 1k.  It was pretty dang hot out there.  I had company, that was helpful, even if he was mostly just hanging on the back of his truck with fuel.  I dragged Veeks to run with me, he was the friend that got me into running in the first place, figured he would like a few 1k's at noon, up a little hill, for fun.  I'll be honest, the aftermath was amazing, felt like a rockstar, pat on the back putting that workout in the bank.  The next day was ugly.  The heat and effort must have caught me...burnt toast.  But I chugged through Monday like any highly motivated girl training for an Ironman would do...swim, little ride, run.

Mike ran Monday with me, those runs always make life a little better.  Easier pace, nice chats, and the views are good too (wink, wink).  By nightfall, I wanted to fall.  And hello Tuesday.  Ugh.  Not feeling so peppy and you would guess the next move...

Now I have a couple days to chill out and recover.  Skipped my ride today, I'll be honest, I was super sad about it.  But a hole is not a place to climb, so what can often be more challenging to take than a long ride,  I was served an off day...

A rainbow did fill the sky though!  Sorry folks, when you live on an island you start to really believe in these things.  Pretty reminders that life is rolling just as it should...


One more thing, last but not least, Huma Gels.  I was really fortunate to get my hands on a couple of these babies and I love them!  You know how you start to get board with your gels after a while?  Well, I looked forward to these, it's like baby food simplicity with the athlete in mind.  It also helps that the ingredients are all natural and I'm a huge chia seed fan.  Check them out here if you need to mix up your nutrition and wake up your taste buds on a long ride or run.  Huma Gels.

Okay folks, gonna turn in.  Night!


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

I think we all have one of those cycle routes that we dread and look forward to in equal measure we dread them because the course is tricky/dangerous/challenging and we look forward to them because they will push us forward.
I'm glad you made it through to Hillo

May 2, 2014 at 3:00 AM

Blogger Furacán said...

So many time I didn't visit your blog. I'm glad to see you happy and motivated. A big hug, keep you smiling :-)

May 4, 2014 at 12:44 PM

Blogger Damaged Hearts In Motion said...

Good Luck in Texas Bree, have a Personal Best.

May 15, 2014 at 12:07 PM


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