Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hawaii 70.3 "Just Go With It"

This will be a quick race wrap up, mostly because a lack of pictures, I'm like a kid, I like pictures. Race week arrived and I was struggling to get into race week mode.  So much focus had been spent on Ironman Texas that Hawaii 70.3 never crossed my mind. Soon after Texas we put Ironman Canada on the map so any sporting thoughts instantly went towards Whistler.  2 days before the race coach told me I can pull out of Hawaii 70.3.  If I'm still feeling the Ironman during the race pull the plug, call it a day, keep recovering from Texas so we can have a good build into Canada.  Honestly, I did not like the thought of not racing at home.  Mike is usually my brain when I struggle to think realistically and reminded me there is only 500 points on the line for Hawaii, 2000 for Canada and risking injury and a lackluster day would maybe be a setback to Canada.  Maybe his Japanese side is better at Math and non emotional thinking than me, I tried to trust his thinking. My heart always overrides every single thing (I know, ridiculously passionate). We made a deal, if he saw me looking like hell out on the race course he would yank me off, I am not good at pulling myself out of races…

Race morning came.  Woke up at 5, got to transition at 5:50 (clearly I am not one of those that get up 4hrs pre race).  There was little pep in me despite being a major morning person.  No butterflies, no pre-race feeling of pooping my pants 'cause I'm so nervous, and I didn't cry (I always cry on the start lines of my races).  All I knew (and figured mattered) was that I still love racing and trust that my body would just get to work when the gun went off.  Kissed Mike good bye, swam out to the start line, and lined up deep water.  I felt at home in the ocean and knew it was the best way to start a day, whatever the day may bring...

I managed to snag my career slowest half ironman swim.  I held tight the mantra Mike gave me on the drive to the race, "Just go with it".  He said whatever my body is doing, go with it.  So I went with it.  Ran up the beach not letting the humbling swim entertain me, just ride my bike.  I was 6th girl at the Mauna Lani turn and not gaining on any girls.  Finally to the climbs of Hawi where a little heat and wind kept us company I was making a move.  Still not feeling perky or fast or like any sign of  "race day magic" would soon accompany me, I just "kept going with it".  I was giving my legs pep talks, "Good job girls, just do what we can, I know we have an Ironman in our legs but we can do this, you like this, keep moving forward".  Passed two girls by the turn around in Hawi and kept looking out to the ocean.  My entire heart was filling with emotions now, how dearly I want to race in Kona this October, how I want back in the race that opened the doors initially for me to become a pro triathlete and live this life I love so much.  I put my head down and just pushed on despite feeling like I was weak and tired.  

As with most races I was so happy to reach the final miles of the bike.  I wanted to run, finally butterflies were filling me.  This was what I had been waiting to feel since the drive out to Hapuna at 5am.  I could hardly wait to see Mike, Kainoa, Brooke, Wendy, and all my friends all over the course and working the aid stations.  Off the bike and into T2, over 5 minutes behind the leaders, I was 4th with another girl just 2 seconds behind me.  That bike ride felt like a stationary bike ride, if I didn't actually see the scenery change I would almost swear I never moved…time to move…run.

This run course is one of my absolute favorites, the heat fills me in a such a happy way that I never even entertained thoughts of having a marathon in my legs or how crappy the swim and bike felt.  I just wanted to catch girls.  You know when you really love your shoes?  I was loving mine like Dorthy loves her ruby red slippers!  The Zoot Kiawe 2.0 were my non-ruby neon green slippers!!  I just stayed happy and focused out there, ran my way into 2nd place and thanked God Mike never yanked me off the course after he saw me looking like a rag down thrown from her bike into T2. Or maybe it's, "Thank you Mike for believing in me" that I could still find a way to turn the race around...

The day held two new records for me:  My slowest ever swim in a 70.3 and the first time I've ever ran the fastest female run split of the day in an Ironman race.  I guess it balances out, maybe, not really.  I'm going to take a week easy (per coaches orders) and keep my focus on Canada.  Above and beyond, thank you Zoot Sports, Ceepo Bikes, Bike Works, Bioastin Hawaii, Coach Cotter,  Odin Chiro, Junko Sheilds Massage, Rolf Prima, and Splish, for making sure I have all I need to keep training and racing towards October. Hawaii 70.3 race directors, volunteers, and competitors, THANK YOU for such a great Saturday morning, well done!!  And I did get to celebrate, one of our friends got married so we hurried back to town for a beautiful wedding...

Thanks for the lovely support,
Bree xo


Blogger Jenna Alexis said...

Awesome race! I love reading your blog and your helps motivate me everyday to continue to train for ironman. Super excited that you are going to be doing whistler and looking forward to seeing you on the course. PS. There is a great juice place in the lower village in whistler that you should check out when you are here!

June 2, 2014 at 10:47 AM

Blogger Adrian said...

fabulous! whistler it is!!

June 2, 2014 at 1:38 PM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Getting Second when you're not feeling your freshest is not to be shirked at. I also believe the tiredness after an Ironman is mental as well as physical, like we spent so much time concentrating, focusing, etc, the mind needs a rest. However, the chance to race on your doorstep, well it's an opportunity not to be missed. we forget how much logistics is involved in racing all over thre world and the stress that comes with it. Relax and recharge for Canada.

June 3, 2014 at 2:18 AM

Blogger run4daysbill said...

Well done. Well paced. Great job!!! Keep it up, Bree. Lots of us are cheering you on. :)

June 4, 2014 at 3:52 AM

Blogger Dawn said...

Way to go, super mom! *So inspiring* Awesome finish line pic! Happy rest week and good luck in Canada ~ cheering you on from IL! Btw, I just saw your race picture on the Ironman Facebook page... such a great picture, you rock!

June 4, 2014 at 9:41 AM

Blogger nuffer said...

Unreal race but check out the 50 year old winning chicks run split! Then google her name! NUTZ

June 8, 2014 at 6:51 AM


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