Monday, August 18, 2014


A couple days ago I landed in the big city, on Oahu.  It was a little moment away from life over here, maybe vacation with a splash of Ironman miles tossed in.  It was a mood changer, an attitude adjustment, a tiny bit of sponsor obligation (team Bioastin flew us over to learn more about the green stuff that I LOVE).  Mostly it was one of those times in life when you step back, take a look with hopes of gaining a different perspective, then come back to your regular life feeling like you learned a lesson that will be good for you…

I ran along new beaches, rode cruiser bike,  swam with Oahu friends, and surfed a few different beaches on my friend Tiffany's board that I secretly wish was mine.  I loved all my big city moments…

But today the best part of all happened.  My Ironman Canada payday came.  We live on a pretty tight budget over here, unless I teach more, but then I train less…so you know, my balance isn't always beautiful to the bank account.  Most always Kainoa and me walk into the grocery and walk out with only what was on the list.  Thankfully he is such a good kid, rarely if ever asking for treats or snacks, or those tempting aisle candies at the checkout.  Today was all different.  I told him to grab a snack, take an after school drink, get something special to pack in his lunch tomorrow, to have anything in the grocery he wanted.  And so, thank you Ironman Canada for giving us my most enjoyable grocery shopping experience yet!

Bree xo


Blogger Lucy Francis said...

It is good to have a bit of a break form the routine and most importantly to spend the time with the friends and family that prop us up whist we train and race.
Yesterday my neighbour texted me to find out the exact dates i'm going to be away racing so that she can put it in her calendar. she looks after our cats whilst we are away (they are our babies) and i thought that that was a sweet thing.
So glad that IM Canada paid up quickly. Bree you have an advantage over most of us with your groceries. Your garden plot gives you organic produce all year around and that is a huge $$ saver

August 22, 2014 at 4:39 AM

Blogger Kathy said...

oh i know that feeling well! such a thrill to let your kids pick out something to eat and it doesn't have to be the most thrifty price. So sweeT!

August 26, 2014 at 7:29 AM


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