Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday Showers...

Gentle, gentle, gentle.  I am having to grip so gently, having punched my ticket to Ironman Hawaii.  You know when a child gets a puppy for Christmas and just squeezes it's guts right out holding him so tight, that happiness is how I feel.  But I'm grown up enough to know that squeezing anything too tight, hurts.  And so, I am being gentle with holding this ticket to race Ironman Hawaii. My little lessons are...

Not rush back into training, recover
Keep my family closer than the run shoes
Enjoy eating, drinking, & a lack of gel consumption for the moment
Be happy taking a break

Last weekend I got to pack my bags again for a race of another kind, paddling.  What started as just taking Kainoa to the pier for practice, cheering for Mike and his boys at regattas, soon turned into something I felt like our little family could share if I went back to paddling too, and I did.  Over the season our boat did pretty good, winning the last 6 (I think it was 6) races here on the Big Island. We qualified to race States over on Oahu, with the big dogs island wide.  Let me tell you packing a paddle is so much easier than a bike!  We showed up and took 3rd. 

Our boat is #50, so close!  I just love anything and everything in, on, and under the water.  Paddling has been a really nice addition (I don't want to say break or escape from triathlon, because I don't need one), but it has been something special I can share with Mike and the boys.  I mean, they all get it, do it, and understand it.  In some small way it made the Summer just a little more special to me having a "family sport". Not to mention is brought out a lot of competition and I admit, I could use a bit more competativeness since I find myself on triathlon start lines wishing I could pratice being more fierce. 

...And the team.  You have all heard the quote, "Women build each other up, girls break each other down". There honestly has never been a time in my life when I could use a handful of great women around then these days. Let me tell you, triathlon is 99% of the time a solo sport when you live on an island, having training partners, a team, some competition has been valuable beyond just the boat.  Anyways, regatta season is now over, focus is full time shifting to Ironman.  As for the boat, I am sure to land there when I can, because sometimes life allows a couple dreams to collide at the same time...

What else?  Oh yes, those of you ladies that read my blogs over morning coffee, you will like this.  Those of you tri-geeks only reading for the pool temperature, run splits, and how far I rode my bike, you will be bored.  Mike and me made 3 years!  I am double fist pumping over here, high fiving, counting blessings, and happy.  I pretty much celebrate everyday I get to share with him, I am a girl in love with her best friend.  It has taken plenty of tough love lessons to understand that love is more than flowers, pretty words, and other story book moments.  I've humbled through patience, forgiveness, and French kissing. While he has been through the thickest of my storms, I have been more appreciative than I knew I could be to have someone in my life.  I'll wrap up the mushball in me, but it has been pretty amazing and while I try to keep his life less posted on my blog, I would like to shout about him often.  I mean, it's not everyday you hear about professional athletes having someone by their side, so I don't take that for granted, just hope and pray for another day, every day...

Sadly, this is not my heatlhy diet at the moment.  I sort of gave up on eating super squeeky clean during my recovery.  I don't know about you, but when I get up early and get my groove on, it is so easy to eat heathy and suck down green smoothies and funky stuff from Earth.  Well, guavas have been my attempt lately.  Today I chucked the last of them over my sisters brick wall, then grabbed chips and salsa for the hurricane party...I do believe Saturday I get to get back on the wagon. Oh, one more effort was made, rainbow beets!  I roasted them and literally ate almost every single one of them...
Alright, that is all I have.  The rain has just begun over here.  Buckets and buckets falling from the sky with the hurricanes on the way.  It was a beautiful morning to begin and I am standing in hopes with the rest of the island that after these storms pass it will be another beautiful day on the way...

Bree xo


Blogger ltlindian said...

stay safe!

August 8, 2014 at 3:41 AM

Blogger GoBigGreen said...

congrats on 3 years that is just as awesome as a Kona slot isnt it? ( well in some ways!) Hope the storms pass fast!

August 8, 2014 at 8:06 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

And this is exactly what i needed to hear today- it's all about recovery until Kona.

I'm trying to hold my ticket gently too but it is proving a bit difficult.

I love roast beetroots but have never come across the rainbow ones. they look delish

August 11, 2014 at 1:25 AM


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