Sunday, October 5, 2014

These Moments.

I am a sucker for day dreaming, for remembering, AND...for being in the moment.  Perhaps the day dreams happen because I am so goal oriented, driven, and optiistic.  It just comes with the territory, to plan & focus.  I like it.  And the memories, I love being able to hear a song or see a picture and let it take me back to some laughter & probably equally important-lessons.

As for the moment...

This week I am especially living in it.  I have to.  It has taken nearly 3 years to realize this dream and there is no place I'd rather be than right here, right now, exactly as is, sharing it with those around me.  It has been an absolute blast.  Everyone kept saying time would heal me, but it just feels like God has yelled at me so loud and so clear, "Quit crying over spilt milk!  That glass still has plenty left to dip your cookies in!"  So after my pep talk from the Big Guy I am feeling rather well equiped for the days to come.  Including 140.6 miles...

Today was the highlight for Big Island athletes, our mini moment of pride.  The day we all put on our over sized, pajama style, mens t-shirts, that say, "Team Kona".  Ahhhh, ooooooh, yahhhhh!!  It is such an honor to have that shirt (even better I got kid-size this year!)  Every year the qualified Big Island athletes share this moment, a reminder of sorts, that together we got here.  Reminiscing in the races & training we shared, its such a perfect moment.  Honestly, the last 3 years of watching them all gather was a little painful for me, I wanted that shirt!  Those are my training partners!  I wanted to race with them!  Now I got the shirt...yes! And I get to be out there with them Saturday...yes!  How can I not live in this moment?!  How dare I ever let this moment be taken?  

Here we are, the Kona locals...
Happy and proud of my friends, neighbors, sisters, brothers, team...

This past week has also brought in a bunch of my friends from all over the world...that means many, many, many of them in Speedos.  Perhaps the only time in Hawaii when the men wear less clothing than us girls in tiny bikinis.  It has been a huge blessing to have them here, talking about memories in other states and countries we raced, talking about our goals for the race to come, and just making some new moments.  Like my friend Fiona, letting me borrow her man to pull me though a final swim test set, in his speedo of course.  I love it, I love this sport and how it brings people from all over the world together.  

Not to mention, suffering feels so much better together.  Last week I managed to scramble a few buddies together to push, pull, and pace me on my final longish-goal pace run.  It was so perfect, hot and gross out.  Some hard work and impossible to resist jokes are now sprinkled all over Ali'i Drive for those moments during the race we need a little inspiration.  Clearly, it was also brilliant timing to ditch the Ipod and run without my jams pacing me (I do wish we could race with an Ipod though). 

Oh, speaking of being in the moment, you know, "Right place at the right time", Kainoa and I happened to be in Bike Works, our second home, and landed a ride in our friends little plane!  An actual cruise over the Ironman course.  It was such perfect timing for Kainoa, it made his day and truly taught him that good stuff is always surprising us when we least expect it.  Anyways, check out the bike course to Hawi.  It just looks hot, long, lonely, and windy.  I'm trying to keep it humble and remind myself that it really is a long day, patience required, and respect the distance.  One of my best lessons this season has been to respect the distance, just because you have survived it before doesn't mean it's easy.  And I think being my home course it makes it easier to forget because I do it all the time, every day.  So it was special seeing the above view and being reminded to still respect the heat, wind, and lonely  sections of the course no matter how familiar it is.

In other sporty news, Kainoa might just be getting the hang of soccer.  Last weeks game he had me in sheer laughter, just sort of being on the field.  Yesterdays game he was on a mission, as if he understood just what needs to be done and the satisfaction of perhaps doing it well.  I am loving being a soccer mom, well I have yet to take my turn on snack duty, but I'm sure I can handle.  It's just really nice seeing my son have some motivation and enjoy something that makes him feel good.  Today he declared he does not want to do triathlon, that's find son...

6 more sleeps till the big dance.  But I am in no rush, these days are some of my favorite and it feels nice being in the moment...

Bree xo


Blogger Tina Marie Parker said...

I am so excited for you. Keep up the smiles, live the moment and shoot for the stars my friend.

October 6, 2014 at 8:47 AM

Blogger marian said...

bree, you are so ready!! you put in all the work.
enjoy your day.

October 6, 2014 at 2:34 PM

Blogger Dawn said...

Cute, go Kainoa! Happy IM week! :)

October 7, 2014 at 5:31 AM

Blogger Runningglad said...

I admire you so much Bree! Your transparency is amazing. I have read your blog, watched you race and win in Whistler and will be cheering for you this weekend as I watch from whatever device I can. I wish you success and I am without a doubt, positive that you will find it.

October 7, 2014 at 5:07 PM

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