Friday, November 28, 2014


Maybe yesterday was too forced, but it didn't come as naturally to be wildly, surprisingly, hugely thankful as I am today.  (Insert: yes, everyday I count blessings).  You know what I mean.  It was a good day, good people, good sunset with my son, good food that I am SO THANKFUL for, a home, work, transportation, opportunity, all the American possibilities & privileges.  But today, in the midst of lunch with Kainoa, at a red light, and home reading a book...I was more thankful today than yesterday.

I've always been that way, a bit of a late bloomer.  Life, events, holidays, ect, have to happen naturally for me to understand them. Not that Thanksgiving isn't natural, its special and I love it, but it just didn't hit me yesterday as big as it hit me today, all that I am truly thankful for.  Maybe it's because today is a day closer to Monday (when I fly to OZ) homesick is starting to hit a tiny, tiny bit.  I just look around and am so appreciative today, knowing full well how this life is the accumulation of hard work, good people that have blessed me, a family that gave me strong roots, having had opportunities find me, finding my own paths, and of course the challenges and messes that have taught me to pick myself up and learn the lesson.  We all have our stories, I am just finding it easy to be thankful for mine today.  While not perfect, it is special...

Being close to race day, next weekend, yikes!  I had better keep up with "sharing the training".  I have had the pleasure, honor, and complete humbleness of swimming with Coach Steve & the Kona Aquatics youth a time or three each week leading up to Australia.  The amount of hard work and discipline is something I've tried very hard to carry over into my bike & run.  The attitude itself has been such a key to this teams success and has truly helped me in more ways than piling on yardage in the pool.  That said, we did sets that challenged me, broke me, and strengthened me.  But we did fun ones too.  On my last day with the crew we did a set that I fell in love with.  Its not too fancy or flashy, it's perfect.  

30x50 as 25 stroke/25 free.  The first ten are fly, second ten are back, and the final ten are breast.  Truly, I loved it.  I loved swimming, I wanted to keep swimming.  You make it what you need for the goals you have.  You can swim the stroke moderate effort (as you know stroke gets the HR up no matter what) then race back the free while a little fatiqued.  Or race the stroke and recover on the free.  Make the send off challenging enough that you aren't fully recovered but not too short that your stroke is sloppy and ugly.  Add that into your holiday swim for a different kind of mile.  

Ok, time for turkey leftover dinner.  Hope you guys had a great holiday....


Blogger Dawn said...

Beautiful life, Bree... and lots of blessings! Safe travels 😊

November 29, 2014 at 8:13 AM

Blogger Lucy Francis said...

Bree it's never too late to give thanks for what we have. God knows you appreciate all that you have in your life and he will protect you in your journey to Australia and the race.
I've just given thanks for being alive after suffering a terrible crash and being unconscious for several hours (gave thanks to my helmet too). Please race for me because right now I can't do anything. Go Bree :-)

December 3, 2014 at 7:04 AM

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