Friday, November 9, 2007

Honolulu Marathon...Bring it on!

One Month Till Honolulu Marathon!

I am so excited... I LOVE the Honolulu Marathon. Something about being in Oahu, running next to the beautiful Pacific Ocean, catching glimpses of surfers riding little swells, the 5:30 am start time, the fireworks that light up the dark sky when the start gun sounds, all the people from all over the world (over 20,000 runners!), the Kenyans on the way to the finish while most of us are still heading out, Diamond Head, and of course it's only a 40 minute flight from my island!

I love Honolulu Marathon SO much that last year I begged my baby doctor to give me the release to run it. I bothered him everyday for the "green light" to start running so I could do it. After some giggles and a "yes" I was on my way to the Honolulu Marathon!

Everything was going great...2 miles-I was loving the fire works, 6 miles- I was loving the crowds, 10 miles-I was loving the feeling of running again,13 miles-I was half way! 15 miles-so happy I was going to actually finish this thing, 18 miles- so happy no bonk! 22 miles-oh my gosh my boobs hurt... I can tell I am a new mom with a new set of boobs, 24 miles-oh my gosh! This can not be happening... I think I am about to give birth... my insides are having what feel like contractions... maybe I should slow down or walk or stop... or...I don't know what... but my doctor said I can do it...I should keep going. 25 miles...only a mile to go and my entire body is feeling the effects of having a baby just about 5 months ago! Survival mode sets in...mile 26.2... I did it! I ran the Honolulu Marathon about 5 months after baby and I made it... 3:23! Not my best time but I was so happy to be running again! So happy to be a mom and a runner.

This year's Honolulu Marathon luckily won't be only 5 months after Kainoa was born, but it will be about 7 weeks after Ironman. I still feel lingering Ironman fatigue... but again... I DON"T care... I am so EXCITED for Honolulu Marathon! AND it will be my little sisters first marathon! Oh ya!!! Brooke & Bree running Honolulu together!


Flo said...

Girl, you are amazing!! I don't think I was ready to get out of bed 5 months after giving birth :)

Crash said...

Good luck - I'll be happy to finish