Friday, November 23, 2007

Dedicated or Dorky!

I made a promise to my family- after Ironman MORE family time! AND that family time would not include chat of triathlon, nutrition, fun workouts, race results, NOTHING that had to do with the reason I was M.I.A. so much the last few months.

I knew today I had a 6am swim and an hour run. Got the swim done while everyone was sleeping-no problem. BUT as the day went on I got so caught up the run kept fading. I
secretly went by the pier on the way to meet my husband and in-laws for a "family day"...I was secretly watching Ultraman get underway. Still didn't run.

Once with the family we were enjoying a ton of fun ALL day! Some sightseeing, shopping, lunch out, watching the Hawaii vs Boise football game. The fact that Honolulu Marathon is right around the corner my hour tempo run was lingering in my brain-I kept telling it to BE QUITE! I MUST BE WITH FAMILY! Still didn't run.

At 8:30pm we get home. I am the "queen" of going to bed by 9pm. When I announced to my husband I need to do my run he looked at me...dropped his jaw... then nearly messed his pants. I had a run, had not spoke of it all day & now at my bed time I was going to do it!

I fired up the tready like any
DEDICATED woman on a mission would and got to work on my tempo 9pm! I did that run with the moon behind me. I enjoyed every step of it-even my husband making fun of me calling me a DORK! A big dork! To him this may be on the top of my "dork list". I have many dorky moments. He captured a photo to never let it down that I stayed up past my bed time to be dorky! I am going to bed now knowing this was not one of my more dorky moments but one of my most dedicated!


Emmalee said...

I hope that visor is keeping the sun off your face and out of your eyes. haha

BreeWee said...

Em!!! I miss you SO much! I miss PBA too... by the way, Jim said the SAME thing to me...that i am a dork for wearing a visor inside, on the ready, at 9pm at night! I had to remind him it's not for sun but for hair- any women with a mop on her head would understand!

BreeWee said...

I meant tready- treadmill!

ShirleyPerly said...

Sounds like a fun day with family. That is so funny that you're wearing a visor indoors and at night!

Rural Girl said...

I can totally relate to both the visor and the crazy runs when you should just GO TO BED!

James Cotter said...

Bree, you are bad ass. Say hi to Jimmy for me.


Bob Mitera said...

Do people in HI take some down time? Maybe I shouldn' PR is only might have something there. A treadmill in HI looks funny to me. I run outside unless it is -20 F...then I have to only do 30-40 mins outside... although safety first yeah - running at night alone brings out some weirdos? It does get dark early now...I guess you can pass on that.

Bob Mitera said...

Hi Bree -

You rock! Thanks for the comment. When I get back to Kona (this may take a few more years) our families will have to meet.

Mahalo nui loa,