Thursday, November 1, 2007

He'd rather swim than Trick or Treat!

I was so excited for Halloween with Kainoa... finally an excuse to go door to door dressed up, get lots of candy, and play some tricks! Growing up my sisters and I would change costumes over and over and return to the "good" houses as something new. And tricks, I was the queen! Well, Kainoa must not have gotten the love of holidays from me because he would rather swim! He cried in his costume, he tried to rip the costumes off his little friends, and when we went to the swimming pool to visit my swim coach and the masters swim team Kainoa went straight for the pool, not stopping to take off his little shoes, went straight into the kiddie pool fully dressed. Only then did he smile and laugh. No tricks, no treats, only swimming would make him happy. On the bright side... his Halloween costume made a nice swim suit!


ShirleyPerly said...

So cute! That's what I need, more time in the pool. Maybe I should get a cape ;-)

Bruce said...

You are always an inspiration. Always something new, some new record broken, etc. That also helps me to try hard to excel, whether in sports or something else. Hope to see you out training again some day.
Bruce (in Kaohsiung, Taiwan)