Friday, November 16, 2007

Tag! I'm it!!

Meme!????? I got tagged by Shirley Perly... gosh, something it looks like I can't run from :)

So, my job is to tell 5 RANDOM FACTS about me... hmmm... I got so many! Then tag 5 other people to tell 5 random facts and on and on and on... I guess this is supposed to be a fun way of getting to know blog buddies! Here goes nothing...

5 Random Facts about Bree Wee:

  1. I grew up on a farm in Michigan and used to mush my feet in the cow poop with my sisters. My grandma said it was GOOD moisturizer!
  2. During my high school & college days I spent every summer and one semester of college in Costa Rica. I had a "novio" there, taught some school to the little tico children, and had plans to move there in 2002 (after college graduation) with dreams of becoming a pro surfer.
  3. When I make dinner I pretend I am on my own cooking show. I try to make the dinners really pretty too... watch out Rachel Ray!
  4. I raced Xterra World Championships (Maui) in 2005. It was my first mountain bike race ever... on a borrowed bike... only used it 3x for practice...I was also really sick... found out after the race I was 3 months pregnant.
  5. I never wear matching's my superstition.
Okay... now I am tagging...
Amanda Lovato
Terra Castro
Brooke Myers
Elizabeth Fedofsky
I left a comment to each of you that you have been tagged...when you've written your 5 random facts be sure to tag 5 other people and let them know you tagged them with a comment... looking forward to reading your 5 random facts...


ShirleyPerly said...

Well, that is some moisturizer! Cool that you surf and cook well too -- wish I did. I'm going to try that Spam Misubi recipe you posted over Thanksgiving with, of course, Turkey Spam :-)

peter said...

That's a novel use for cow patties. The sox thing isn't so strange. I bet you have pairs of sox in your dresser that are just like the pairs you've been wearing. When you cook, are you able to prepare a skillet or casserole and then magically set it aside and produce a fully cooked version a minute later like on the shows?