Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Love/Hate Tuesday...

As far back as I can remember Tuesday's have always been love/hate for me. When I was really little I remember my mom dropping me off to Rainbow Station for day care on Tuesdays. In 6th grade I joined the swim team with Coach Mary and we swam TUESDAYS and Thursdays. Then I moved up from the guppy lane to a group that we only had off on Tuesdays. In high school I skipped school on Tuesdays to go to the beach with Melodie Melvin (I actually missed the exact amount of school days allowed before being retained thanks to Tuesdays!). In college I worked on Tuesdays in the campus book store. After I had Kainoa the only day that fit my schedule to have a run with him was Tuesday. So, EVERY Tuesday for the 1st year of his life I ran him in the jogging stroller 8 miles. Come to think of it... after having the baby I was sent home from the hospital on a Tuesday.

Okay, fast forward... every TUESDAY Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen (yes the super swimmer that has over 160 of the masters records, the body of a 25 year old (she is in her 40's), the mental strength & confidence of a seasoned athlete, and the swimmer I look up to most-because if she raced triathlon she could lead the ITU swimmers) has this Tuesday "swim fun" as they call it. It is not fun. So, throughout my Ironman training I once again endured a love/hate relationship with Tuesdays.

The workouts (depending on how much you warm up) range from 3,000-5,000 yards. Not too bad... the part that hurts... is that every workout there is a main set of roughly a mile broken. The send off isn't the kind that when you hear it you already feel defeated so you get an easier send off, it's not the kind that make you hurt temporarily knowing the pain will only last a little bit then you can sit on the wall and rest, and it's not the kind that is so easy that you should just swim it all fly. It is the kind that makes you think...DARN IT! I can make that but it will make me hurt, cry, choke and swallow water, run out of breath, most likely cause a Charley horse in my calf from kicking and pushing of the wall with all my strength, my arms will go numb, I will see stars, and in the end I will pass out and 9 out of 10 times puke. It is the kind that you KNOW in the end will make you faster. The kind that when the swim gets tuff on race day you can remember your Tuesday swims and muster up some more strength. The kind that you know will only last roughly a mile. The kind that you have to do... you just have to. In my case I have to... Coach Paul MAKES me swim with Karlyn.

Post Ironman I had a wonderful little break... no intensity... no TUESDAY swim with Karlyn. Today was different. It was nearly a month since Ironman. Back to the Tuesday "swim fun". (They really need to change that name). On the pool deck stood Karlyn in a 2 piece Speedo, putting on her swim cap, six pack abs showing, smiling, loving the Tuesday "swim fun". There was me... wishing I could say I was tapering or recovering, or needed to get out in 15 minutes to get Kainoa from the baby sitter. Instead I had no excuse. During warm up I did a REALLY GREAT job keeping on her toes (she was swimming back stroke, I was swimming free, and I left early-right on her feet to be exact).

Okay... now comes the fun part.... Coach Eric (Karlyn's husband... another one of those athletes that smile the entire time it hurts) has arrived on the pool deck. We do some "get the heart rate up" stuff, not too bad. Now the moment I have been waiting for... 4 x 250's. (at least it was less than a mile this time). I only had to suffer 4x. Coach Eric gives me the send-off, reassures me I can make it, tells me to do my pace (that means don't try to keep up with Karlynn like I usually do), and before I knew it all that, "
I can make that but it will make me hurt, cry, choke and swallow water, run out of breath, most likely cause a Charley horse in my calf from kicking and pushing of the wall with all my strength, my arms will go numb, I will see stars, and in the end I will pass out and 9 out of 10 times puke" came flooding through my body as I swam round 1. On the wall...3:05, great job! Hold it Bree! 3 more! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 go! (yes, I only had 5 seconds rest) or something REALLY short like that. The purpose of these broken mile sets is to keep your race pace, rest for only a breath, then keep on going!

The final one... thanking God Karlynn didn't lap me... I swam as strong as I could. When I hit the wall Coach Eric gives me my splits. 3:05, 3:05, 3:06, 3:06. Mission accomplished... I kept a pretty even pace on a send off that only gave me 5-10 seconds to breathe! After the 4th one I went numb. I think I puked and swallowed it back down. I had to warm down I was in so much pain. (sitting still hurt too bad).

Now at home, after loads of food and some relaxing I am feeling so proud that I made that workout. Come to think of it 4 x 250's sounds pretty darn easy... BUT... if you asked me to get back in that pool with Karlyn and do it again I would tell you not this TUESDAY!!

Check Karlynn & Eric out!!


E. L. F. said...

Ok you've got to slow down. Relax. Eat some M&M's for crying out loud and sit on your couch. It took me 3:25 to go 200 yards today. I love November :)

Mac said...

Oh god I hate that feeling. Isn't it funny how quickly you forget the pain when it is over and you think it wasn't so bad. Proud of you Weeser.

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, I can't believe you're working so hard so soon after your IM. You are incredible!

I need to get another swim session in with them when I'm back in Kona late December. Hope to see you then either at the pool or on the roads!

BreeWee said...

Shirley, You HAVE to come swim with us again! Kona crew would love to have you!!! I only do one "intensity" workout a week. Just started building for the marathon next month. Figure better to get the HR up on a swim than a run with IM still lingering in my legs.

TICA MACHA said...

I just love/hate TUUUESday, too.
Thank you so much for sharing.
You are truly an inspiration!