Thursday, November 8, 2007

My work out with Kainoa....

Being the "off season", minus the fact I am getting ready for a marathon... I spent the day doing Kainoa's workout. His wore me out way more than any of my own work outs! Oh the youth of a 16 month old! We began the day (5:30 am) with chocolate soy milk... most of which went all over the floor, his pajammies, his face, and me. After clean clothes he decided he HAD to have cereal... but not his... he HAD to have his dads! Okay, now we are fueled up for the day! Let's go mom!
Time to chase Kainoa on his little 4 wheeler! I never realized how much sprints in the hallway closely mimicked the feeling I get from 100 yard repeats! (only these were less than 25 yard repeats). Just as I was ready for a recovery nap or a gel or something... it was off to the park! Load em' up and head out!
At the park Kainoa heads straight for the ab work out! Pumping up & down in the swing truly engages your core and after what feels like an hour of swinging you begin to realize why little boys who love swings have such nice toned tummies! Without rehydrating and recovery we go immediately to the hill climb repeats! This is the most slippery hill I have ever been on! (it's a yellow plastic-ish slide). Up and down up and down... no matter if you take the stairs or just climb back up the way you slid down your quads start to feel it! Burn baby burn! LOVE it! LOVE it!

Oh finally, the look of "I'm pooped" comes across Kainoa's face! Just as I think the work out is over he pulls the old "ha ha ha- too fast for you" and the game of chase is on! I think this might have counted as my long-endurance run. It just kept going and going and going, nice and steady.

Now... it really is time to call it a "work out" and recover. We decide to go icing. I did that in Canada and it really helped recover the legs. BUT, this is Hawaii and the coolest water we found was 75*. Cool enough, we hit the beach and pretended to "ice". Now my favorite part... JAMBA JUICE! Oh ya! I am beginning to think I like working out "Kainoa style". It had all the makings of a champion... some breakfast to get you going, some warm up, some hill climbs, a little core strength, sprints, & endurance running, icing, recovery food... now if we can just get home
and take a nap I am sold!

Of course no nap... this is Kainoa's work out... that means ROUND TWO! Building forts with the Costco boxes... I wonder if he ever bonks!???


Coach Smith said...

I linked my blog to yours. It's about Track and Field. I think what your doing is tremendous. Keep going. What a great family you have. Greetings from Minnesota.

I am coach, and also masters runner, 400-800m, and have run distances up to the marathon. 400m hurdles and decathlon in college.

Good luck on december 9th.


BreeWee said...

Thanks a lot! I appreciate the support and will link to you as well :)

Pedergraham said...

You inspired me to write a post about Tuesdays/kids... K looks like he is at a super-fun age right now and how much fun it must be to be growing up in Hawaii!

Good luck in your marathon.

Jen said...

What a beautiful family you are!