Friday, November 2, 2007

No Swimming, Biking, or Running

This post Ironman-end of season recovery really has me enjoying some old time favorites! With a day of no swim, bike, or run I was stoked that we finally got a bit of fall swell! I nearly forgot just how much I love surfing... the feeling of diving through the waves on the paddle out, waiting in the sun for a set to role in, then making the drop and cruising along a gentle chest-head high wave. There is something about Hawaii's ocean. It is so unpredictable, so alluring, invigorating, and in a way so magical! It's easy to forget
what is happening on shore, what things you need to get done, how bad your blisters hurt, and all the responsibilities in life. For those few hours spent surfing I felt like a child again. It didn't matter that my hair was all snarled, that my suit was nearly falling off, or even what time it was. I got caught up in the moment, my family, and just smiled at my place in life. In a way in reminded me of long runs. The nice long easy ones...

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ShirleyPerly said...

So glad you could take some time off to "smell the ocean." One day soon I will learn to surf. I've been eyeing the folks down at Kahaluu Bay every time I run past.