Thursday, November 15, 2007

What about Weebee's???

My friend Lauren-last name "Bee" and me, last name "Wee", were on a mission last year to create our own energy bars. We ended up making more of a "ball". We took it so far that we had tons of energy balls! We had peanut butter balls with protein powder, recovery balls for after workouts, bee pollen balls, spirulina balls, coconut balls, fruit balls... the list goes on!

We ended up being so PROUD of our little balls that we made them only from all natural ingredients, organic, no sugar added... you get the idea. They were really good and good for you.

Everyone in the sport community of Kona loved them. They were requested. We gave them as gifts to friends, made some for friends racing, we invented new flavors and had our friends try them out. We eventually got so into it that we created it's own packaging, looking into selling them to our health food store and even gave them a name: Weebee's. My last name and her last name joined. The name fit perfect... little balls-often including bee pollen or honey... and Lauren was the QUEEN of making labels with little bee's on them... we thought our creation would hit the big time! At least it did in Kona town... with the athletes...

UNTIL... this weekend. Lauren was in Maui and at the health food store on that island (MUCH MUCH bigger than our little store) she found honey called "Wee Bee Honey"! In the middle of the store Lauren screamed at the top of her lungs! WEE BEE HONEY! She was partly excited loving this new raw honey discovery with both our names on it & partly in shock that our logo (or nearly our logo) had already been taken.

So what about the Weebee's? We are in the "thinking" process on that one. Since our logo has the name joined we might be okay... and we are energy nutrition balls- not just honey. With the holidays around the corner and knowing everyone will want Weebee's for their healthy Christmas treats we have some brain storming to do!

Hey, if you are ever in Kona and want to try Weebee's we can hook you up! If you are ever at a health food store and see Wee Bee Honey BUY it! It is more amazing than any honey I have ever had... you actually taste the honey comb in it! AND... if you need a pre-work out snack, my favorite recommendation is almond butter & honey on a sea weed rice cake! YUMMY!


ShirleyPerly said...

I'll be back in Kona mid December and would love to try your WeeBees.

BTW, I'm tagging YOU. See my blog to find out what that means :-)

BreeWee said...

Okay, Weebee's for you! See ya at the pool... and thanks for the meme... I will do it tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bree...
nice to see you blogging! Thought I'd jump on and say hi. Congrats on your race in Hawaii!!...I will check this Bee Wee stuff out next time I am back!

Jen Harrison

Anonymous said...

EEKS! I mean Wee Bee stuff!


bee said...

I am just happy that the Wee Bee honey is so good. It is holding up our reputation with the balls! Oh, by the way, I created my best wee bee ever this week. I will give you samples and recipe asap. :)