Friday, November 30, 2007

What's up with you moms?

What's up with the Hawaii moms?
Wee, mother of 1, Ingrid Rolles (Pro Xterra & mother of 1), Rachel Ross-mother of 3!
What's up with you moms? I have been getting that question (and some similar) a lot since Ironman. "Do women get faster after having babies?" That's another popular one I get. Unfortunately, I just don't have a scientific answer to that. I am not sure what happens with hormones and pain tolerance and how pregnancy effects the body-then how it effects athletic ability. Hmmmm... mystery to this mom.

So what is my answer? How do I respond when people ask how in the world is it that the Hawaii moms (Rachel Ross-mother of 3 & me mother of 1) all of a sudden came out of nowhere as the top female amateurs at Ironman? Was it pregnancy and birth that contributed to some decent race results?

I say yes. Not because of whatever changes my body went through... but because of what changes my life is going through. I no longer have time to run all the time whenever I want. I can't bike and swim as much as I used to. Now, quality workouts outweigh quantity workouts. And all those late nighters and lack of focus have transformed into prioritizing, goal setting, and being responsible. Everything in life now has a purpose-including training and racing. Becoming a mom has also taught me to be well-rounded. TRIATHLON is LIFE-that was the old me. I thought about it, breathed it, dreamed about it, and really spent too much time with it. Family, my husband, and son are now a bigger (the biggest) part of my life- I have learned to balance. This contributes to less burnout and more enjoyment when I actually get to train or race.

So, what's up with us Hawaii moms? We are running, swimming, biking, being wives, being moms, working random side jobs to help our husbands with finances, and doing everything others do... but sometimes we have to change diapers too. Maybe it's the diapers that make moms faster...
Congratulations to ALL the moms AND dads out there that balance life and sport! If you still ask, "What's up with you mom's?" then direct your question to say Heather Gollnick! That is one amazing fast momma!


Anonymous said...


It's Jess!

I want to go over to Kona on Monday... do you want to open water swim mon/tues with me?? Maybe even run or ride?
my number here is
808-966-6196 or 966 6210

Eileen said...

Fast momma's! All of you are awesome....I keep telling Reid, maybe it is the kid thing, he is like "uh, not ready yet." ;-) HA

Talk soon,

Sara McLarty said...

Hi Bree...just found you blog! Fun photos and beautiful family!
Congratulations on an amaxing race in Kona!
Keep having fun and all that jazz,
sara mclarty:)

ShirleyPerly said...

I was wondering this myself! I was thinking maybe it was pushing a stroller during your runs or maybe the hardship of delivering a baby that was the key to making ya'll stronger. Whatever, kudos to all you hot mamas!!

RR said...

Funny, I get that question a lot too - directing them all here now Bree! Loved your blog :)


April Schadt said...

I just found your blog and enjoyed your post "What's up with you moms?"

I'm a 2 time marathoner and mother of 2 girls under the age of 3 - hoping to do my first ironman in 2010 -

I do think having babies makes us faster - i ran my first marathon before kids and my second marathon after having two - my time was over an hour quicker with less training! Ha! I love it!


I think its the diapers, especially the smelly ones.

Nothing makes you want to swim, ride, and run, fast in the other direction.