Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2007 Reflection #5 Road rash!

When I first got my bike I was told, "Bree, it's not if you fall, its when you fall". The guys at the bike shop were trying to warn me that everyone will have a bike accident at least once... but most likely a few times. I always had this in the back of my mind but never really paid attention to it. Roughly 3 years on the bike and no wipe-outs.

Tinman Triathlon this year was a different story. I would have my first bike wreck and this is definetly a 2007 reflection I will never forget! (I wish I had a photo)

The roads were wet, it was raining, and I knew Rachel Ross was ready to kick my butt if I made any mistakes. There has been this long-time rival with the Oahu girls vs the Big Island girls. I LOVE Rachel, despite being rivals from opposite islands I respected her and owe a lot of my race improvements and support I have to her. BUT of course it is always good to bring the win back to your island. Rachel and I are very similar bike and run speeds... but I get lucky on the swim. Tinman is a weird distance though... a sprint distance swim and the regular Olympic distance bike and run. That meant I would be racing scared out of my mind...that little swim would give me no luck today!

So on the bike the rain starts but I ignore it. I am warned the roads are slippery and that the down hill turn is wicked sharp...slow down, slow down, slow down the volunteers are yelling at me. YA RIGHT! Do you know who is behind me?! So, I let my competative side take over my "be smart" side and sure enough, coming down hill I go for the turn only to find myself sliding across the road into the other lane and seeing my bike flying the other way! There is a man right behind me watching the entire thing and luckily didn't run me over! I lay on the ground for about 15 seconds not really sure what just happened. Then I start to cry. My hip hurts like I was just beat with a bat.

I stand up and realize my helmet is cracked and covering over my view. But my bike is okay, a bit scratched up and a smashed derailer but ridable. I have some ugly road rash and a bloody mess that the rain would wash away... I think I see Rachel coming down the hill and my body goes into that flight-or-fight mode. I ride as fast as I can knowing that running with this hip pain would be slow going... I needed to get any lead I could. Ouch, ouch, ouch, I can not believe I had my first bike wreck!

Into T2 I was asked if I need medical and to see the med tent... Ya RIGHT ! I once again say, "Do you know Rachel is behind me!?" I wobble through the transition, I think I am more sore from riding too hard than the accident! By mile 3 I am okay and I shake it off. I can smell her coming though, I can sense the fear I hold for the "gazelle". (Rachel's nickname in Hawaii is the "gazelle"). I finally see the finish line but don't dare to peek back, because I know she is right there! Yes, I won that day and my fear of the gazelle even caused me to set a new womans course record...but that is not what I think of when I remember Tinman Triathlon. I think about that stinkin' competative drive I had and that wipe-out that cost me over $600. to fix my bike! Oh, and that helmet... it is still cracked and I wore it in Ironman with clear tape holding the strap together! (what can I say, it's my lucky helmet!)


Mel said...

You are like ROCKY....you go with what you got and make the best of it and still end up being on TOP....YO BREE :)

Kellye said...

It always seems like somethings missing until that first wreck! I had mine during my very first triathlon! On a road bike, sweating like a pig, my hand slipped off of my handlebar and down I went. I started freaking because my chain came off, and I couldn't get it back on! It wasn't until during the run when someone asked me in a funny way if I was ok that I realized my skin was burning because I was bleeding pretty badly!!

I thought it made for cool "war wounds!"

I guess we can all be very thankful that we seem to make it out in one piece!

I hope you are enjoying your downtime!
Kellye Mills

Brooke Myers said...

I remember when I first began biking (not with my dorky shoes), you and others told me too its not if you fall, but when... I was so nervous it would be something horrible... I fell at a standstill in front of cars at the pool parking lot and in front of Elisah..ha ha
Oh boy that was fun though...We still have to work on that amazing mount like the pro in the video we watched last April.. :)

Crash said...

I want to throw some witty joke in here - but, I've got nothing. First big crash was coming down snake road on the north shore here on Oahu...

oh yeah, I know what it was: rectum...damn near killed him!

Rural Girl said...

Talk about competitive spirit. I felt like I was almost there while reading it.

Speed Racer said...

SO badass! Bleeding and riding a busted bike and you STILL beat the course record and beat the tar out of The Gazelle. I hope I get a story like that someday!

Please get a new helmet though, before you have another accident.

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, please get a new helmet! It's not crashing in a race that I'm worried about -- it's stupid drivers. And I want you to post many more of these awesome stories :-)