Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Reflection #8 and #9 Spin Class & the time I was in front of Sam Mcglone

With the new year around the corner I better finish my 2007 favorite reflections! Okay, numbers 8-9 are wrapped into one. #8 was the time I was in front of Sam Mcglone long enough for someone to get a photo! I was lucky enough to beat her out of the water and have an okay bike ride... she passed me on mile 55 of the bike and I never saw her again! Her run was more like a 5k and mine was slower miles than my marathon mile splits! It was pretty ugly! BUT, I will never forget the excitement of being near the front of a race where the announcers are going nuts over Sam and M. Jones! It was pure craziness to say the least!

#9 My spin class! I had some really fun spin classes and this was my favorite! My Honu (or Hawaii 70.3) class. Prior to all the races I always try to make my spin classes mimic the bike course of whatever race is coming. So, one Monday at Pacific Island Fitness I made the noon spin class and all the riders pretend to race the Honu course! It was so much fun! Here is my play list:

Honu Hits: Hawaii 70.3 Bike course focus

  • 3:40 Let’s get it started- Welcome to class! Focus today is the Honu bike course…warm up nice and easy…here we go!
  • 2:33 I always get what I want- on chorus stand and fire up the legs with “quick cadence-easy resistance”
  • 3:30 One way or another- Okay, gets get up! We are going to stand this entire song. On the chorus work it, find a nice relaxed rhythm on the non chorus
  • 4:40 Feel the noise-40/30 (4x) challenging resistance/easy
  • 4:51 Don’t say good bye- Now it’s time to get serious! Time to climb up to Kawaihae. We will gradually add resistance for about 5 minutes. (seated)
  • 2:31 I wanna be sedated- Let’s hydrate! Remember we are in a race, no stopping, keep the legs moving! We are up the hill now. Find a steady rhythem.
  • 3:00 Dance Dance- 15/15 easy/all out Mini sprints! 3x
  • 6:15 Free your mind- sprints 30/30 easy/all out sprints! 6x
  • 3:54 Butterfly- 1/1 easy/almost about to puke! 4x
  • 3:05 96 quite bitter beings- Hydrate, recover, then hold pace…
  • 3:01 Cut the crap- 3 min time trial- RACE YOUR SELF! Pick up some time now! Last big push!
  • 3:20 Volcano girls-mini recharge (45 seconds rec.) running hill repeats...3sprints/2hills 30 each
  • 4:01 Move along- hill climb, seated… let’s get up this hill! I can see the Hawi turn around now! MOVE IT LADIES! LOOKIN’ STRONG!
  • 3:42 We’re not gonna take it- Load up the resistance so you are BARELY pedaling (VERY challenging) and as the song progresses we will lighten our load and get into a down hill sprint! Yep, down Hawi, headed to Mauna Lani!
  • 1:10 Music- recover here… drink… LAST SONG coming… be ready to go ALL out!
  • 2:22 Uptown girl(punk version)-Standing position 3- GO GO GO! Bring it home here! SAVE nothing!
  • :30 Muvee Theme: Okay, only 30 seconds left… what do you have left!?
  • 3:31 Over the rainbow-recovery/warm down on bike-breathe, hydrate...
  • 3:44 True colors- off bike stretch, GREAT job! You are ready to race!


Emmalee said...

i got tired just reading that.

Mel said...

Nice song choices...the titles made me sing a little of each song :) I think once I reached "Over the Rainbow" I would want to snooze :)

Kellye Mills said...

That's awesome! I teach spin classes as well, but they're pre-choreographed. I think it would be fun to do my own mix every once in a while! Although, I'm not sure who your class participants are. My class would laugh at me if I tried to do that to them! :)

David said...

This is a great workout...I tried it this morning. Could you post more spinning workouts?