Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chasing Cotter...

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Today was my last race of 2007 (a swim/run biathlon) ...and all I did was chase James Cotter! James is Big Islands only pro triathlete and one of the reasons I ever started triathlon. I met James in 2003 where I watched him win the Lavaman Triathlon. I was instantly fascinated by the sport and James too... anyways, James comes and goes between Hawaii and Texas. BUT today, he was here! YES! HELL yes! Less than four years after first watching him race I was going to try and race him!

I know, I know, we are not even in the same league... but we have to dream big right!? And shoots, last race of the season, what do I have to lose?

So, yep, I line up in the front and center- because James did... and when the count down got to one I swam way too hard, way too fast, for way too long! I was about to die but I wanted to race Cotter. So, I did and let me tell you he is a BAD sighter! We were so off course, but that's okay, I was trying to hang on for dear life! Oh, let me remind you... Cotter is here for his wedding and family vacation, not racing. I was racing him. So, as we get near the swim exit he rolls over and does back stroke!!!! See, he is NOT racing, that was only me, BUT darn, back stroke and I can't even keep up! So, I pull the old "oooh let me pass him up the beach" and as we both hit the bottom I run up the swim exit just so I can say I beat James Cotter out of the water! But remember, he was not racing! ha ha ha

So, a four mile run... here we go! My legs have not been running since the marathon recovery I am on... I hope they feel speedy! I put on my shoes and never looked back! I was dying like a dog! I peeked at my watch, OH MY GOSH... 11:30 for the first 2 miles... the last 2 are going to kill me! AND they did! Cotter caught me just as we went through the turn around (I know you are wondering what took him so long... I was wondering too, but when he passed me I noticed he must have taken a LONG time in transition because he had on run shorts, socks, and a shirt! I put on the shoes and went!).

So, there I am, "chasing Cotter". I was holding on as best as I could but through the final 2 miles he only grew further into the distance. I wanted to go with him, I tried to hang on, but I didn't quiet make it... In fact I was on survival mode!

And that was what I call "chasing Cotter". I gave it my all, I went too hard from the start and tried to hold on and MAN it was worth it! Despite the fact the race was just a local fun race and Cotter was on "la la getting married next weekend mode" I pretended it was more and I had a blast... BUT I don't know my time! Bummers that we have to wait till tomorrows newspaper for the final results... I am curious what his mile splits were... sub 5:30's??? That darn Cotter!

PS: to add to the fun Kevin Motes and his hot little girlfriend (Laura Sophia) raced too! AND my son finished the race with his daddy's help pulling him through the swim and running with him!


Naughty said...

Ah Hah.........this explains why Wee finished today with crimson face color......(it sort of matched her pink starts Splishy suit) does such a mellow, classy (ever the gentleman during races) athlete like Cotter who just never shows signs of intensity burn it the way he does? Truly a venerable quality!

Naughty said...

Oops.........Pink Stars Splishy Suit (not starts!!)

James Cotter said...

haha Bree put me in red today thats for sure.

Pedergraham said...

Sounds like a great way to end the year. I'm still trying to picture how Jim and Kainoa made it out around the course. Maybe it's time for Kainoa to start his own training blog!!!

Speed Racer said...

Great story. I would have done something like tripping him or pushing him when he ran by. Then I would have posted the pictures of the finish when he cried because he was beat by a girl. It sounds like you put the hurt into him, though.

Congratulations to Jim on the great race and to Kainoa on what I'm sure was a win in the 5 and under division. Happy new year!

Rural Girl said...

Great read. Sounds like fun!